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  1. Mike Huckabee: Thoughts And Prayers Are ‘Only Thing’ That Will Stop Mass Shootings, WTF is he smoking, or snorting? If guns don't kill people , but people kill people ,then take the guns away for people who want to kill, which is any one with a gun, I'm for the 2nd Amendment , every house should have a Musket
  2. Give Texas back to Mexico, didn't they kick our ass at the Alamano?
  3. The Gov.of Texas it's a mental Health issue , I kinda of agree If you buy a weapon ( GUN) ,you are crazy So ALL gun ( except single shot hunting rifles )owners are crazy and shouldn't own guns ( catch 22). Assault weapons a only good for killing school kids and walmart shoppers..........
  4. Just recieved this T-shirt from Amazon Joined org Vets against trump
  5. If you you own a gun then pick one I'm a.......... 1- Killer 2- Coward I haven't touch a weapon since Vietnam Funny most gun owners I know never saw action in a war.
  6. Trump wants to cut food stamps but then turns around and gives farms $$$$$$$ to grow or not, So why doesn't he just give food stamps ( for food only) and then that $$$$ would go to the farmers? just answered my question, senator Chuck Grassley wants a share of the $16 billion in federal aid to farms and ... Like many who receive farm subsidies, Grassley is a millionaire. Two U.S. Senators applying for bailout money for farmers
  7. My wife is uncovered by United Health care and pays 600 a month, yet every time she goes to any medical stuff, they cover nothing wtf The CEO of United Health care, is against Medicare for everyone , as he says it will screw up the health care system in this country, Well, this suck bag mades 17 million a year, United States has the highest Cost for Health care, But we live the shortest, have the highest infant morality rate, and hundreds of thousand die each year for the drug companies and doctors giving us things like Oxycon. The system is broke and medicare may n
  8. The Red Parrot used to good drinks closed it down many of times , we called it the dead parrot
  9. Having been a radarman in the US navy , I would fault the US , from the news/video's it looks like the the russian ship just appeared on a collision course with a minute, when infact this event was unfolding a least for an hour or more. Both navies should have tracking each other's postions from at least 20 miles away. So to have the the US ship decide to land aircraft within a emeny ship close by , doesn't seem right. It seems like communication between ,CIC (Combat information center) and the bridge was lacking.
  10. President Donald Trump, who is in Europe to commemorate D-Day, felt completely comfortable explaining his own lack of service in Vietnam because he didn't like that war, though at the time he said it was bone spurs. Trump said Wednesday he's making up for it by giving the military lots of money now -- taxpayer money, that is. Thousand of solider died on D-day , but the draft dodging coward has to make it about him, I also disagree with the war , but when my country called I served , Luckily I came home , a lot didn't!
  11. I guess trump wasn't allowed to build condo's or casino's there , as the cuban's wanted the money up front ,so he couldn't file bankrupty. what a great deal maker!
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wardenclyffe_Tower Show map of the United StatesShow all Location Shoreham, Long Island, New York Coordinates 40°56′51.3″N72°53′53.5″WCoordinates: 40°56′51.3″N 72°53′53.5″W Built 1901 Architect Nikola Tesla NRHP reference # 100002744[1] Added to NRHP July 27, 2018 I Lived up the street from Tesla's lab
  13. telsa tower , rocky point or shoreham Long island New york
  14. what do expect from a cowardly draft dodger, As usual he shows no respect for the people who severed , didn't he say he could do a better job then some generals and an Admiral of the navy Seals , Then to side with a murdering dictator of north korea , over our allies and past VP. he is one fucked up person
  15. if you allow abortion for incest and rape then about 1/2 the woman in Al.could still get them. as probably most of the woman / girls get pregnant are raped by there fathers and brothers in Al. then you would have to arrest the fathers/brothers for incest/rape
  16. The wall just another MONEY scam to funnel taxpayer $$$$$$$, to friends of Trump , which will probably never get built but will make a lot of Trumpers Richer! https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/23/politics/trump-fisher-industries-army-corps-of-engineers/index.html With Donnie it's all about $$$$$$$, he probably hand over the KEYS to the white house to Putin for the right price
  17. how many corairs 750"s? whatclub ? any racing with the palm beach sailing club or castaways ?
  18. Not for nothing , A woman has a unwanted baby, so then who's responsible for that person? The mother , can she leave it in the hospital ? The father The courts the government ( state that forced her to have the person) The churches the republican party any thoughts
  19. not for nothing more rounds = lousy shooters, A good marksmen only needs one shot to hit a target, just as any sniper , most use single shot bolt action rifles,
  20. Any Cat/Tri racing in the south east aka Florida?
  21. Go to any Palm Beach Home Depot , walmart ......., buy a leaf blower / weed whacker and get a free illegal.
  22. breaking news trumps giving us illegal for free, we don't need no stinking wall, Trump administration to move immigrants to Palm Beach County https://cbs12.com/news/local/trump-administration-to-ship-migrants-to-palm-beach-county-report-says Funny a was talking to a GOPer woman and she blaming the Democrats, So I asked to name them , dah! she couldn't? Governor, Ron DeSantis Goper, then you have M.Rubio, B Mast, R Scott all Gopers Rumor has it all of them will be given free leaf blowers to work at his west palm beach clubs and golf courses
  23. I often kid about a wall, around florida, mostly to keep people from Jersey out, but it was only a joke, well it turns out florida needs a wall to keep illegals out, right now florida has 130 border patrol officers to patrol 1200 miles of coast line , but the southern borders have 1100 offers to patrol the same distance. That's why florida is the #1 choice for illegals and drugs, https://cbs12.com/news/cbs12-news-investigates/florida-becoming-easy-alternative-over-mexican-border-for-illegal-migrants, but on a bright note , if they land by Magot largo they'll probably
  24. Look into a J-37, I had one, more cruising comfort same or better speed and pointing then a J-35 , just a thought!
  25. Dow drops 600 points after China retaliates with tariff hikes
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