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  1. Anti - bullying should be taught at home, or in this case the WH, A good parent or in this case wife should take the phone away from the moron using it!
  2. Premium , for the few extra buckets , oh well, It is good on US95, to do the speed limit 95 Ok so I'm driving on Alligator Alley doing 100, I look in the mirror and see lights flashing, so I nail it 110, 120, 130+ , so I say this is crazy , so I pull over, The highway patrolman gets out his car pissed and ask why I was going so fast, Well officer "my last wife ran off with a patrolman and I thought it was you" trying to return her, he let me go with a warning !
  3. Having done 2 tours of duty in Vietnam, and it wasn't till I got home and years later , I found out what a bullshit lie we were told. So now seeing how badly we treat our vets. We send our boys to far off lands to protect what? OIL , EXXON........ We haven't won a war since WWII not bad for the most expensive military in the world. Funny the company that made the most money in the Iraqi war was Haliburton and who was the CEO, Chennny, We created a vacum in Iraqi and who filled it, ISIS!
  4. Thanks for all the input, I think for now , I'll mostly use 93 or 91 , and every other 1/2 tank fill with 89, 2 interesting things the 93 might have been a deal breaker , I only found when the sales man showed how to open the gas cap , you need the key pod , paper work wass done, The second the finance department sold me a extended warranty which I didn't need as the orginally warranty was still good, When I found out I made a very loud stink in the showroom and got my money back, Warning DON"T LET THE FINANCE DEPT sell you ANYTHING it's a total rip off.
  5. Watch "Charlie Wilson's War" based on the true story and where we failed in Afghanistan after beating the Russians in the late 90's Which was also there longest war!
  6. Reflecting on his meeting with Malala last year, the President released the following statement to congratulate her and Kailash on their remarkable accomplishments in the pursuit of peace:
  7. I brought a used 2016 Lexus RC 200T, basicly a 4 cylinder turbo, pretty good on gas mileage but when the turbo kicks he does take off. My days of street drag racing are well over so really don't care about the 0-60 or 1/4 mile times. So my question is : the manual recomends 91 octance, , but can't find it, so 87 , 89, and 93. my problem is 93 is about 70 cents more a gallon , I've read that if you mix 89 and 93 = you get 91, so I've tried always filling the tank when it's 1/2 full with alternating 89 / 93. So is either 89 or 93 bad for the engine? any thoughts?
  8. Jeff Bezos named businessperson of the decade by global finance chiefs lets see he could hit the trifecta, cover of time, businessperson of the decade, the greatest president to be impeached
  9. Boomer here! When I was growing up I saw some great things for this country, with JFK president, to space travel and men on the moon. and over the years we have had good and bad times, but we always seem to be the world leader. I voted for good and bad presidents of both parties, To me this country has been about diversity, an
  10. not sure if this belongs here, just a picture of a tough NYer going to work with a cup of joe , maybe a new ad for ? https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/animals/rat-carrying-coffee-cup-on-new-york-city-subway-track-goes-viral/vi-BBXPeOL?ocid=mailsignout
  11. the president of the US shouldn't be mocked by anyone, if only we had one
  12. The real answer is I'm an Independent, The advantage of that is I don't have to follow the thinking of one party or the other, Lincoln said it best: I find it very, dishearting that the parties have drift away from their orgins.
  13. That's kinda funny as all my friends call me a liberal, Thanks for the quick lesson on bonds, , so if a company has no assets , like facebook it's bonds are worthless ?
  14. And Trump never lied under oath, shit his whole life is a lie, from his bone spurs, to being a self made billionaire , to hiding his taxes, to cheating on his wives with a porn star to stopping people from testifying and telling the truth , my question what is he afraid of? being a rich brat that could do no wrong, "daddy why do all my friends lie, but I'm a good boy. " I guess if stupid people believe your lies , it's not a lie ? FYI, was never voted or liked either Clinton.
  15. another florida mom / teacher makes the news, what a great state! Photo by: Escambia County Sheriff's Office PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) - A teacher in Florida's Panhandle is accused of having an ongoing sexual relationship with her son's teenage friend. Authorities in Escambia County arrested 40-year-old Susan Weddle on Monday. She faces multiple charges including lewd and lascivious behavior and
  16. FYI, When Ludlow started talking about " goldie locks stock market " I knew if was time to sell , so I missed the great recession, also started an IRA in the late 80's for 5k over 3 years which in the 2000's was worth 50K, that was was just one ! lets see sold my NY condo 2007 so also missed the housing bubble , I had no training in stocks, still don't understand bonds.Read "Rich dad , Poor dad." One thing I fault of our school system , nothing is taught about , money, investments ........
  17. Social Security , even in high school ( mid 60's ) I never wanted to join but had to , Had I invest all my monies that I and my company where forced to pay over 50+ years of working , I would be worth millions, not thousands, so who says SS is a free ride for us Boomers is Bull shit , it was just another way of the goverment controlling our lives, another fun fact, another lie that the goverment preached , that when you start withdrawing your 401k/IRA it will be taxed at a lower rate , another government lie, when I worked my taxes were about 15% , how with the RMD there
  18. does melania have a 5 o'clock shadow? Will the prison guards b pardoned ? Who has the most to lose if Epstien talked? Lets see what 2 people NYC's have the most clout in the city?
  19. The CEO of UHC netted 18 million dollars, or another words, Sick people lost 18 million in health care Didn't Christ say something about healing the sick, shit what did he know he's only God's son!
  20. I don't watch much or any TV, I really love the drug Ads , they always seem to end "and may cause death" and my second favorite one is , "you may not know you have this condition" but taking our drug will prevent it from occuring. being a Boomer I can honestly say the only drugs I've every taken is a baby aspirin & being a sailor MT GAY RUM
  21. Good to see Florida teachers keeping up the states high standards
  22. Interesting you say about leadership, our POTUS has played over 115 million dollars of tax payers Money to GOLF.? It's all about making money not doing the right thing, He won't allow aides to testify , he won't show his taxes? what's he hiding? must be pretty bad! so if we have no workethic at the top what do you expect?
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