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  1. Trump didn't write this: all words spelled right, sentences make sense, no capitals , not putting down some one no...................
  2. Is the Black Swan here? can a little virus turn into a big nasty swan? dow futures down 460 , VIX high teens , Goes to show you we live in a global world and all walls/fences/$$$$ don't work "Money or No Money - Count Your Blessings, Invest in Yourself, Finding Value in Life's Basics"
  3. Just recieved an Ad , from a local car dealer, 260 dwn and 260 for 84 months, now that's the basic Elantra with little or no extra's. Them add local taxes , dealer fee's , maintence book , title /plates. extra warranty to cover break down's after 3 years, and you wonder why youngest aren't buying cars, that's an awful lot of UBER rides. what's next a 30 year mortage on a car, I can see pushing the car into the lot after 80 months and still owe money on the car, Oh and to qualify all you have to do is fog up a mirror
  4. As a Boomer , I and other workers would just want our fair share, working long hours , in snow storms so people would have power to stay warm , while the CEO's were vacation in the south and they would get the big bonus , So how trump wants to take away my SS and medicare , which is money I was force to put into , WTF, or go to shit hole VA clinic's for the honor of serving this country, while this IMPOTUS never serve due to fake ailgments. I guess whoever said life for be fair? Trump's not Lair ,To be a lair you have to know right from wrong. he doesn't have clue
  5. I guess the thing I find totally amazing is all the supposely smart people , that will follow him to the depths of hell, Look at all he's used and then fired , or worst destoryed their lives , form his lawyers, to law makers , to wives , girl friends and family members , He has no morals , and he as soon as one bunch gets thrown under the bus , the next group is ready at his calling, Can't wait till he breaks up with moscow mitch, I predict 4/23/2020 is day trump goes down , pass it on!
  6. Hilary is spenting too much time looking into the mirror , she lost and it's Bernie's fault , Funny I would have voted for him , ( bernie ) as it was I didn't vote for neither in 2016,
  7. I guess their high paying meter readers, with a good retirement package and free health care, heard Eric and jr were turned down as they couldn't fiqure out the meteric system
  8. I was going to add this to an existing post then thought it should have one of it's own , for the fun: So all you retired boomers that love Trump : this should make you happy: WASHINGTON — President Trump suggested on Wednesday that he would be willing to consider cuts to social safety-net programs like Medicare to reduce the federal deficit if he wins a second term, an apparent shift from his 2016 campaign promise to protect funding for such entitlements. Any thoughts on how he could cut the deficit , I came up with about 20 , have fun !
  9. I would agree with you, with that said , The only thing I would add , Print more money // negative interest rates = devalued dollar /Inflation =higher stock prices In 2006 /07 when Ludlow was talking about the great economy " goldilocks " I sold all my stocks/house and totally missed the great recession , got back in in 09 and triple my money till 2016, Now I again I don't like what I see, we become a total nation of debt, I think we just hit another trillion dollars of national debt, Every one is living on there credit cards , student loans, massive car loans, (7 year car loans wt
  10. If Trumps economy is so perfectly great why only 57% think so , shouldn't the number be closer to 90%-99%? If you look closer , about the 57% number , that's the number of ameicans that are in the stock (Ponzi) market , which is being control by the Repro , feds and big banks, ( keep printing money) and isn't that same number that benefited from his tax cuts, For me personally , the economy was 10 times better under the O man, ( I had no debt, new car , j racing boat , reasonably taxes.... ) Now my taxes have doubled or higher, In debt, No boat and worst of all NO MT GAY RUM, So my
  11. Are the Dems throwing the election? All you keep seeing/hearing is them slaming each other to win a battle , given Trump all the ammunition he needs to win the war! Win the election how Trump did in 2016 , Go for key states of the electoral college, watch below of a very conversative Rick Wilson , which won a lot of elections for the GOP but hates what Trump has done to the Republican party, even Trevor was agreeing with him at the end to the show,
  12. Just read it , I guess I screwed up or my computer put in spell check ,
  13. What's your opinion on the senate trail , fair / whitewash, Will it change your view on Trump
  14. My daughter was attacked by a neigbhors dog , and got permant scare on her face, if I had a gun I would have shot the dog! Where we live in long island , people would come out from the city in the summer, get a dog and in the fall let it go, these dogs would form packs and kill the deers , rabbits and yes even attack children, The local police were given permission to shot these dogs ! some fun facts Dog attacks in the US kill more people then Jaws (sharks) and gators Fatal dog attacks in the United States are rare, although non-fatal dog bites are not unusual. Typically, betw
  15. I heard all the late night talk show hosts , fired there writers , for laughs all they do is quote the IMPOTUS
  16. Are you sure? just recieved this from the martain rover
  17. another question can trump serve , in a weightless atmoshere , he'll be about a perfect 180 and marching with bonespur NOT A PROBLEM, and as Commander and Chef , hopefully he'll visit the barracks on Mars, it should also improve his driving game.
  18. With all the forums on Iran, Impotus ................... fiqured I lighten things up up with a litle humor Ok are there deserts in space, ? so why have Camouflage unit forms in space , if so shouldn't they be black with little white lights?
  19. Interesting Soleimani was involve in a money laundering scheme in a hotel in Baku, and quest what family was also involved in the same hotel: is that why he was killed? Ivanka, Trump-Azerbaijan Tower, And Money Laundering The Trump-Azerbaijan Tower project is a notoriously shady deal and for some reason nobody seems to care. By digby
  20. You have the right to disagree , and comment on it , but to fucking change my post is bullshit,maybe I'll start changing your post's and see how you like it!!! It won't be pretty! ARGO!
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