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  1. As I said , I bet the PM of Demmark , would piss him off, Now she a Nasty.............! would be nice if we had a growth up as POTUS, https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/21/politics/trump-nasty-woman-denmark-mette-frederiksen/index.html
  2. That must really piss him off, A woman that he can't control and get his own way with , He probaly wants to grab her by the ...........
  3. thanks , knew it was the same type , was there shortly after it happened
  4. Is this the one north North Korea shot down in april1969
  5. Can Ttump win the trade war NOT! some weapons at China's hands, -devalue the yuan -stop sending stuff to US, which would shut down the longshoreman on the west cooast -Stop buying US debt US T Bonds (https://www.cnbc.com/2019/08/16/ray-dalio-china-could-weaponize-us-treasury-holdings-in-trade-war.html) -sell all US bonds for gold -Rich China men stop buying expensive homes in US -Stop tourism to the US -Pass on tariff's to the US consumer -Stop buying US farm goods/products, (soy beans to john Deere tractors) -Trump has a short period of tim
  6. Watch video at the end , a president picking out girls at a party at ........ https://www.cnbc.com/2019/08/14/jeffrey-epstein-rape-accuser-jennifer-araoz-sues-ghislaine-maxwell-3-others.html
  7. Trump retweets conspiracy theory about Bill Clinton after Jeffrey Epstein’s death by suicide
  8. Ttump wins around round ,WTF Apple spikes after Trump administration delays China tariffs on electronics until December https://www.cnbc.com/2019/08/13/trump-delays-china-tariffs-on-electronics-until-december-apple-spikes.html
  9. Ttunp , lastest tweet and Conway backing him , put him at the top of my list, Also JE would train his girls at Margot-lago, and they were BFF
  10. lastest rumor , He's alive in a witness protection , ?
  11. so who had him killed Ttump,BC,HRC, Moscow Mitt ,a prince , money brokers, all the above I wonder if he died like KateSpade or Anthony Bourdain?, if he was on suicide watch , someone watched him commit suicide?
  12. Just recieved this T-shirt from Amazon Joined org Vets against trump
  13. If you you own a gun then pick one I'm a.......... 1- Killer 2- Coward I haven't touch a weapon since Vietnam Funny most gun owners I know never saw action in a war.
  14. Trump wants to cut food stamps but then turns around and gives farms $$$$$$$ to grow or not, So why doesn't he just give food stamps ( for food only) and then that $$$$ would go to the farmers? just answered my question, senator Chuck Grassley wants a share of the $16 billion in federal aid to farms and ... Like many who receive farm subsidies, Grassley is a millionaire. Two U.S. Senators applying for bailout money for farmers
  15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wardenclyffe_Tower Show map of the United StatesShow all Location Shoreham, Long Island, New York Coordinates 40°56′51.3″N72°53′53.5″WCoordinates: 40°56′51.3″N 72°53′53.5″W Built 1901 Architect Nikola Tesla NRHP reference # 100002744[1] Added to NRHP July 27, 2018 I Lived up the street from Tesla's lab
  16. telsa tower , rocky point or shoreham Long island New york
  17. The wall just another MONEY scam to funnel taxpayer $$$$$$$, to friends of Trump , which will probably never get built but will make a lot of Trumpers Richer! https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/23/politics/trump-fisher-industries-army-corps-of-engineers/index.html With Donnie it's all about $$$$$$$, he probably hand over the KEYS to the white house to Putin for the right price
  18. not for nothing more rounds = lousy shooters, A good marksmen only needs one shot to hit a target, just as any sniper , most use single shot bolt action rifles,
  19. Go to any Palm Beach Home Depot , walmart ......., buy a leaf blower / weed whacker and get a free illegal.
  20. breaking news trumps giving us illegal for free, we don't need no stinking wall, Trump administration to move immigrants to Palm Beach County https://cbs12.com/news/local/trump-administration-to-ship-migrants-to-palm-beach-county-report-says Funny a was talking to a GOPer woman and she blaming the Democrats, So I asked to name them , dah! she couldn't? Governor, Ron DeSantis Goper, then you have M.Rubio, B Mast, R Scott all Gopers Rumor has it all of them will be given free leaf blowers to work at his west palm beach clubs and golf courses
  21. I often kid about a wall, around florida, mostly to keep people from Jersey out, but it was only a joke, well it turns out florida needs a wall to keep illegals out, right now florida has 130 border patrol officers to patrol 1200 miles of coast line , but the southern borders have 1100 offers to patrol the same distance. That's why florida is the #1 choice for illegals and drugs, https://cbs12.com/news/cbs12-news-investigates/florida-becoming-easy-alternative-over-mexican-border-for-illegal-migrants, but on a bright note , if they land by Magot largo they'll probably
  22. Dow drops 600 points after China retaliates with tariff hikes
  23. I find it interesting that Lapenis and bone spur trump (both draft dodgers) support Guns, where were they when the country call them for duty in the services , where they could of shoot guns for real, with people shooting at them but being the corwards they are, says alot. fyi ; I served twice in vietman when I was drafted
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