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  1. Actually do your home work Obama got us out the mess that Bush put us in, To be the O times had the best economy , the stock market tripled, I had a 40 yacht and no debt, The economy is a relative thing to each person , if your a lying cheating GOP er the economy doing great under Trump, your just like him. But you seem to have some good , you like to sail!
  2. I would love to have what ever he's ( BB) is smoking must be some good shit, I'm on SOCIAL SECURITY/medicare that make me a socialist? Interesting that the GOP hasn't won the popular vote since 1988 GWB, That's 32 years ago, maybe this electoral college thing is away to rig the election?
  3. Thanks for the chuckle this morning, don't take life too serious , laugh and have fun , life's too short
  4. Tom , it was a joke ! , lighten up, or are u....................
  5. noted , if that's the case you would think he would show a little respect for a fellow serviceman , that did 2 tours in NAM
  6. so what did the can do to you, you drink your beer or soda out it , then you have to kill it? now that's how to get rid of cans, lot cheaper then ammo
  7. telling me to fuck off, sounds like I hit a nerve, lol So what branch of the service were you in , and what was your body count ? So what's the purpose of assault weapons? just for killing the school kids in school, church goers , night club patrons concert fans ? and do tell me what the 2A is about? fun fact, United States has the most killings in the free world , think about 50,000 a year, compared to other civilized countries , So to answer my question if your a assault weapon owner and haven't killled any one , then your a COWARD! ARGO!
  8. I believe in the 2nd amend. and every one should have a musket, That being sad, assisinations are killed by a single shot ( JFK) comes to mind.and hunters even use single shot rifles. As being a vietnam vet, I feel the only people that own assault weapons are either killers or cowards, which are you ,if you own one
  9. donald duck was saw kissing a black young swan, See what the PERFECT Economy is like on election day
  10. this always reminds of the Twilight zone series where the boy turns a man into a jack in the box
  11. sounds like your smoking some good shit, the whole system rigged , just don't understand you and any other R'arts think IMPOTUS , is a decent person, He cheats and lies to everyone, wives, senators , generals , admirals , his own staff, (Can't wait kelly conway writes her book, ) the Fed. and his fake economy, I had a much better life with the O man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's made us the laugh stock of leaders around the world,
  12. we're all fucked , good to see the R senator's supporting the their CULT leader. not even hearing witness , he's right he can kill some one and get away with it , just ask his pal epstien or the general that had dirt on him
  13. little fun fact , who was the president the last time Kansas city was in the super bowl , ?
  14. Was sailing ( motoring , no wind) back from Block years ago with the auto helm on ,all of a sudden the boat starts doing S turns,wtf? Then a mile in front of me a Boomer heading for Groton ct. comes up in front of me, I guess he past under me and his electromagnet waves messed with my Flux gate compass. it was pretty cool!
  15. NO !Trump said Thursday U.S. officials have the coronavirus outbreak “all under control,” adding that it’s a “very small problem in this country. He will always blame it on some one else, I think he might have also said it's a PERFECT virus..............
  16. Wish I had a $$$ for all these I broke, oh I did:
  17. See my last post, working at nuclear power plants , forms/ braces would be removed in 8 days, or earlier if we a 2day strength break , was within design, wonder if they used any concrete inspectors ? probably not
  18. As a concrete inspector ( past life) what I can remember , properly mixed concrete can cure to 80% design strenght any where from 2 to 8 days and 100% ( design ) at 28 days, So it sounds like it was a bad mix, probably added too much water after the mix was started, too make it easier to work with
  19. Good to see the illegals were smart enough to use a tunnel , so the PERFECT wall wouldn't fall on them: 4,309-foot-long tunnel in San Diego is longest ever discovered along Southwest border https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/4309-foot-long-tunnel-in-san-diego-is-longest-ever-discovered-along-southwest-border/ar-BBZsDoE?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=mailsignout
  20. Is FAUX losing it? Hannity Rants About ‘Stupid Commentators’ Minutes After Carlson Contradicts Him The Fox News hosts are battling over a possible Iran war narrative. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/fox-news-hannity-carlson-iran-trump_n_5e143ea4c5b6b5a713c00f3b
  21. Faux's news Gerlado and Tucker throw Trump under the drone, (up dated from bus) Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed President Trump's decision to kill top Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani and Iraqi militia leader Mahdi al Muhandis, saying that "Washington has wanted war with Iran for decades." "But never mind, no one in Washington is in the mood for big-picture questions right now. Questions, the obvious ones, like: 'Is Iran really the greatest threat we face?' and 'Who is actually benefiting from this?'"
  22. Stand corrected, Always get my Comics mixed up, I guess the "B" stands for Boomer ,
  23. I know it's hard to believe that not every one on the planet or even USA is Christain. Thought the founding fathers said about :The concept of a “separation of church and state” reinforces the legal right of a free people to freely live their faith, even in public; without fear of government coercion. Free exercise means you may have a faith and you may live it., Was the Bible a Marvel comic?
  24. So I guess the Republicans want health care to all mothers to be so babies are are born healthy? Now once the babies are born, the repulbicans want free health care so the babies stay healthy? ...medicaid Their also will provide food, education and housing to these babies ? sounds like welfare programs to me........WOW that sounds like socialism,. This is coming from a country that has the highest infant moralilty rate, kids go hungry, homeless uneducated but don't take away there God give right to carry a gun and rob people .
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