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  1. You may want to give Alexseal a look. The product rolls and tips well - and Alexseal has come out with a new additive that is suppose to making tipping unnecessary, just roll. While I do not have experience with touch-ups with Alexseal, Alexseal claims it can be polished and touched-up. Some great videos on boatworkstoday on youtube.
  2. If you removed the oldest crew member you could cut the average age on the boat by half.
  3. Perhaps it is just the angle of the photograph, but the bottom section of the mast looks like it is has bend aft - like there is a reverse pre-bend. Looks like the first picture in a series, ending with the mast coming down.
  4. What yard are you using? I need to do same. I was planning on painting (tip and roll) the spars myself but just adding up the cost of Alexseal primer, topcoat, and misc tools, the cost was close to $900.
  5. I think you have that backwards. It is a breach of contract when when party fails to perform as promised. In this case, according to the OP, the sail loft's quote contained a bag weight and the loft breached the contract by failing to provide a sail that is nowhere near the quoted bag weight. You only have to get to fitness for intended purpose when the product fails to comply with a implied term and it would seem that the sail is likely fit for its intended purpose. As for linquistic horror - agreed, and any marketing material containing the words "paradigm shifting". From person
  6. I was told that there were some serious injuries on Sorcery due to the loads that people started calling the boat "So-Sorry".
  7. If the engine will not idle and runs with the throttle (part or full) open - then it is likely a clogged carb idle jet, which is common. Below floor fuel tank - The problem with the tank is you cannot remove it (and dump out water and old fuel) while the engine is in the boat. The ethanol in the fuel pulls water vapor from the air and results in water in the fuel. Consequently, your fuel tank is water trap. To try and solve the problem, I installed a fuel filter and water separator. But I was never happy about fuel going old and turning to varnish in the tank. Also, I was never su
  8. No. Never heard of anyone replacing fuel pumps. Clearly your mechanic is thinking fuel starvation. I bet the problem is the carb.
  9. We had troubles with the carburetor on the 9.8. The carburetor bowl is made of an aluminum alloy that seems to react with fuel stagnating in the bowl. What happens is that the aluminum bowl starts to sluff off a sand like material that clogs the jets. My experience was that the idle jet was first to clog so that the engine would starve for fuel at idle but run when the throttle was opened. Continuing to run the engine like that results in the second jet clogging after a while and the engine running erratically. I had several mechanics look at it and none figured it out. I only found out
  10. You may/should check with your sail maker, but: https://ullmansails.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Ullman-Sails-Flying-Tiger-10-Tuning-Guide.pdf https://cfd.northsails.com/sailing/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/08142521/1-NS-QuickTuningGuide_FlyingTiger_7.19.16.pdf Many ditched the furler and somewhere there is a recommended measurement for forestay length. Hopefully someone else will chime in. I am not sure if the North rake measurement was the final number but note that it takes the furler into account in the measurement.
  11. The above is a more concise summary of the facts and "friends" ridiculous that Partners A and B wait around for "friend" to find new partners. The simple answer is for "friend" to just make an offer to buy boat and then find new partners. Done.
  12. Hiring an attorney to draft a partnership agreement for a $24,000 boat (or to protect your 1/3 share of $8,000) is like buying an extended warranty for a $20 Best Buy toaster - just not cost effective. Other then setting up a procedure to sell the boat, it is unlikely that any partnership agreement will cover the problems that do come up. Then there is the problem of legal fees to enforce the partnership agreement. You cannot cost effectively hire an attorney to litigate an $8,000, $6,400, or $4,800 claim or litigate the purchase of sails. And, if the parties are stupid enough to
  13. I got a Samsung Galaxy Watch and I am pretty happy with it. I was originally thinking of getting a smart watch and replacing my lost timex with either another Ironman - which worked great - or an Optimum Time sailing watch. The Galaxy Watch seemed to tick most boxes and I didn't need a dedicated sailing watch: (1) Looks like a watch and not a box on my wrist for everyday use, (2) the screen and technology is awesome, (3) has a fitness tracker, (4) was not expensive like an Apple Watch or Garmin watch, (5) downloadable sailing timer app with gps speed (once I was able to figure out how t
  14. I think the real issue is how could her shoes possibly go with that dress.
  15. I wonder what the guy who sold Fish Food the boat is thinking now. "Ah, my old boat is in the News AGAIN."
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