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  1. Thanks all. Maybe the 2.0 hp HOnda is adequate. My Torqeedo, in answer to the question above, is old. It is IIRC a 401 B traveler--it takes down to a small bag, amazingly--but it was originally wired for a lead battery, stock, not the lightweight lithium. Even so, its main benefit is economy. We have never run a battery dead with it, and it is said to be able to run around 4 hours at 3/4 a reasonably good battery. But it needs to be evaluated for the glitch, and it needs a new prop, which I have knocked ragged forgetting the damn rudder was up and whacking it with the prop. I like the
  2. I literally have seven laying around from different boats that are from sails that we either changed out or sold. Easy fix. It looked to me like the boom was stripped and painted, than fittings for the blocks (3) were reinstalled with clumsy copper riveting and through-drilled--perhaps that would have worked but I don't think the restoration, if you want to call it that, was correct. I don't know what originals looked like so perhaps this was some belt and suspender engineering gone bad. I want to change the bolt-rope foot to a loose footed sail, for a number of reasons, so this is a minis
  3. Thanks. Interesting link, Bill5. Sounds like a 3.0 hp might be the ideal--or get a larger, more reliable Torqeedo. When working correctly it is JUST BARELY enough to push. I am having ayear of bleeding from a thousand cuts so far--an expense every move I make, some of which is my own doing (my wife just bought another used planing boat). I was hoping for a $400 solution...what size electric gets us to about 3 hp if anyone knows? And yes, google is my friend, faster to ask here and I like real world experience with commentary.
  4. I used outboards for fishing when I was a pup, and they were always on someone's boat that I borrowed or was available for use (my grandfather was one of the builders of a small lake corporation in TN, and then made a living with a sawmill supplying lumber for chalets and cabins for the rest of his life). I lived there in the summers, and I had a dozen moldering boats in some state of disrepair that were mine for the asking. These often had outboards that were 50s or 60s vintage, in disrepair, and turned me into an excellent rower. I now use a CL16 in SF Bay, and we have had a Torqeedo for
  5. we bought the flying tern. Hull is in great shape, sails good used, overall seems very good. Has wooden mast and boom. IMMEDIATELY broke the boom. Easy project but a bit odd. Were not able to launch yet.
  6. This one is back on. I am dying to buy it. Love that 70s color scheme. Mopar powered! Too many boats and no more space. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/boa/d/inverness-fireball-trapeze-sailboat/7321541135.html
  7. Yes, some are as good as they look. I have gotten some insane deals on Craigs. But I am a wooden boat guy so usually I have bought them for a trip and used them a month or two and then sold them for the nothing I paid. But two I have kept are a CL16 that was in as good a shape as a used boat can be that's not more or less new (Wayfarer from Canada) and a wooden Dutchman that was campaigned in the 70s--we have sail stamps from all over the world with that one. I have bought several trailers for boats that I have built (I have built ten boats) and I pay around $500 for a good used trailer.
  8. I looked at it also (on Craigs, not in person). I see F5s in that condition pop up on the West Coast for $200-$300. They look like dynamite boats. I bargained on one with a trailer in good shape and got it down to $500, up in Tahoe, then snow hit and I cancelled. There is one in Chico right now for about $200. But that doesn't mean the guy with that ad will be sensible. https://chico.craigslist.org/boa/d/meadow-valley-force-sail-boat/7305707448.html
  9. Yes, simply adding areefing system for main and jib completely changes the character of a boat. I am going to look at this Tern for sale nearby. If the photos do justice, someone bought it, took it out twice, scared themselves, and then parked it in a garage. Seller says attached photo was recent--2003 registration. I was looking at a Lido 14 because it has a loose footed sail and would be very easy to alter for reefing. However, it appeared to need surgery beneath cockpit sole and I don't want this in line on the 2000 other projects that are half finished right now.
  10. totally agree. Some boats look bad and need little. Others look good and cannot be brought back from the grave.
  11. The crazy cheap stingy route? I have bought a dozen boats in the $500-$1000 range. And some of them worked.
  12. This one does. Thanks for remarks. I think they are popular in Europe--only based on reading right now. New one for $800 with nice trailer. I think she needs a sunfish or laser, but not getting any gratitude for suggestions.
  13. Any experience with these--clarification--not the trapeze. Experience with the Flying Tern?
  14. Would a Flying Tern be too hot for the above purposes? That looks like a trapeze boat to me...Any experience with those?
  15. Thanks for replies, All. No go. Junk boat. We will continue our search, which is lots of fun.
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