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  1. How come no results? Someone protest the course shorting? I did not see a provision for it in the SI?
  2. Quad 450’s, sailing sure is good for the environment! Maybe they all ride electric scooters to work to offset the carbon foot print! AM better not win since Joe Biden is stopping all fossil fuel use.
  3. Not 100% but around 8th in all three races.
  4. The race the damage occurred they should be due redress. If they patched up the hole and water was kept out and they were able to race they should not have received redress for those two races. NYYC swapped out boats because they had a spare. If all the boats had been racing and there was not a spare the damaged boat would have been able to continue racing the rest of the regatta with some sticky back to cover the hole. Would they be due redress in the rest of the regatta in this condition?
  5. Blazer did finish all three races. Never really took any time to patch up damage in between races. Redress for damage in the collision races should be OK. To continue to sail in other races without taking time to repair said damage in chartered boats? That is where the questions are coming from. Putting some sticky back over the above water damage would have taken care of the problem. If they did not have it aboard I bet someone else would have. Poor seamanship on their part. if they could not race in the remaining races then redress would have been justified.
  6. I was trimming main on the boat in the picture. Was blowing 20-24 knots and we were doing 18+ knots. 28-30kt puff hit us with a big lift. My self and the A sail trimmer dumped the sails but with the lift probably just made it worse. That picture is I think the first of three. We went almost to a 45 deg bow down angle. Water was up to the boom. The kite finally blew out and the boat then fell to leeward. Maybe someone has the series of photos. It happens in Newport just off the harbor entrance.
  7. I said that many kiwis fought and sacrificed their lives fighting in the war. I was responding to the comment about the US not demolishing and removing war infrastructure. New Zealand was fortunate the war did not touch their shores.
  8. Once again another unappreciated and uncalled for bash on the US for saving your sorry ass country during WWII. Where were the New Zealand aircraft carriers, submarines and battleships during the war. That’s right you didn’t have any. Some great kiwis fought in the war but remember who took the brunt of the casualties and spent XX times any other country during the war. So if we left some infrastructure that we spent our tax payer money on to help defend your country your sorry asses can spend 1/10 of the cost to remove it if you did not want it. Has been almost 80 years for you to clean it up
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