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  1. Just found your thread on the rudder rehab. What a great thread, I think I have a similar project ahead of me.

  2. First time I've seen a ship trying to ram another with its broadside! Think both sides of the story are dubious.
  3. So, in view of all the submissions, I'm going with the easiest and natural option. I'll keep a close eye on the nails and if they start to explode with rust, will go the sealed option with some poly floor/trim sealer. Thanks all for the helpful info. If it turns to shit, I know I now have plenty of people to blame!
  4. Thanks for the info. I do like the look of it being natural and think the idea of throwing it overboard every so often (with a painter attached) is an easy and elegant affair. There are a couple of things that made me look to sealing the timber however. One is to seal it as it is in the combined head and shower area and I wouldn't want to have unwanted dirt and human excretions etc. soak into the grid. Anywhere else wouldn't be an issue. Another reason is because there are small brad nails in there as well as the stainless screws, which are not so much of an issue. The nails are prone to r
  5. What about a poly finish? I didn't take a picture before I sanded it, but it did have some finish on it. You were right through, the cracking/peeling started at the edges. I'm hoping to spray the finish, so I can get better coverage into all the noocks and crannies.
  6. Been fixing up numerous little jobs for the boat. Have a shower/head floor grid out of teak and the varnish was flaking off. Sanded the exposed surfaces and now looking to either use an oil, or re-varnish to seal the wood. This sits in the base of the shower, so will have plenty of moisture over it. Think I prefer to seal it completely just to keep it cleaner easier. Any recommendations as to what varnish would be best for this use? Most treatments are for decks, this is inside without much UV. Don't need a 'bristol' job, just something that works. Any help appreciated. Cheers!
  7. Frankston entry for this years Melb-Hob maybe?
  8. Looks a bit closer to shore than usual.
  9. I remember that lovely boat... the guys on board were real gentlemen. I enjoyed sailing with them back then. Think the hull is now painted white, used to be clear cold molded, the wood looked great with the yellowy/beige deck and stripes. Was a great few seasons sailing her!
  10. AIS fried prior to race start would mean that WOXI was NOT fit to race. The post race declaration would be a falsified statement by the "fried" statement in itself! It'll be like saying that the engine dies before the race, but we won't need it anyway!?! WTF's going on with the RC???
  11. System got fried... WTF... How come it came back to life after arriving in Hobart? How possible is it that it was half of the AIS (Transmitter only) was fried, but assumable the rest of the electronics survived? Utter BS, no doubt concocted by Trump's spin doctors!
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