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  1. Looking for a spinnaker for a flying Scot. “Good” not regatta condition. hoping someone has an oldie but goodie around. —Kevin
  2. Thanks. That is how I messaged twice. I expect it’s sold. —Kevin
  3. Anyone know how to get in touch with the guy selling the Antrim 27 in the SA classifieds? No response to messages through the ad. —Kevin
  4. I will when it’s all in place. Waiting on some thru deck blocks. —Kevin
  5. Thanks all - this really helped and I’m nearly through setting up the back stay cascade. Had to rethink the final section lead and still working that out. —Kevin
  6. Ok then I need a step by step for “straight bury” and details on lock stitching. I mentioned moron right? —Kevin
  7. This may be what I need. Thanks. —Kevin
  8. Can anyone point me to the complete guide to eye splicing dyneema for the complete moron? trying to do a cascade backstay for an 18 ft daysailer. 3/16 dyneema. A thimble and a few rings. just.not.getting the Brummell sequence. —Kevin
  9. So I have a Rhodes 18. Looking to coat the inside with something beige/satin. Might put nonskid into the seat tops. Already have kiwi grip deck (beige). Then something to coat floorboards (slats fore-aft) that can hide sins of the past. They are sanded but rough. I’d love spray Berliner but can’t use black. Very light gray would be ok. I’m not making a piano. But something tough for insides and not slippery for floorboards would be good. Sealing the wood floorboards would be better. No, I don’t want to coat them with west/other epoxy first. Ideas? —Kevin
  10. I took a quick look at the trailer and it has a very long center frame tube. I expect I can insert another tube for an extension but will have to measure to see what would fit. If not I can mount something under that is detachable like the one shown just above this post. thanks all. —Kevin
  11. Driftwood- great pics. That’s close to what I have, minus the very long tongue. Been looking at rigging an extension I can quickly slide out or fit into the trailer chassis to get the bow of the boat 10-12 ft behind the truck. Means that I have yet ANOTHER trailer to register in CT (would be third). Probably the way to go. that long extension wouldn’t be in place while over the road at least for me. —Kevin
  12. Thanks Meat. Not a lot available on those links. I have it on a tiny trailer now. Maybe I should try to freshen that up and make some way to extend the tongue so I can walk it into the water. —Kevin
  13. Sorry to be absent - life intervenes..... Seelevel- no. Just no. sledracr - seitech makes a dolly for a 420. The mini 12 is about 300 lbs with ballast in it. 420 is about 180# all up from what I see - so yes, might be too heavy. great red shark - I would transport the boat over the road inside an enclosed trailer most likely. The dolly. Is to roll it down a ramp and into /out of the water. Your thought on pulling it back up a slippery slimy ramp by hand is a good thought. meat wad - Milford CT here. thanks all. There i
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