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  1. Yeah..no carbon booms allowed...but....a carbon-look was a consideration, just for fun! I headed out for a solo training session yesterday afternoon....second outing for the season... Perfect conditions 8-10kts and flattish water. Did an hour of tacking, gybing and mark rounding drills and concluded....investing in a gym membership and PT might deliver better results than the AoR boom at this stage!
  2. Of course you're right - The issue I'm struggling with is the cost or an AoR boom...which has sex appeal but little performance value....versus a new sail for just a few dollars more....that has potential performance advantage. Of course the answer is: "Hey...stop the overthinking and do both ya wanker!" But, ya know, these things take a little time to reconcile!
  3. ^^^^ They're just black and sexy...got a quick release on the outhaul and beautifully anodised vang levers.....so yeah..... pretty much every boat at the lympix had one, claiming "stiffness" but the reality is.....they just look great!
  4. Some on the water footage...just cruising out from Davey's Bay before setting up for some tacking drills....first time on the water in months having had 7 lockdowns and winning the coveted "most locked down city in the world" award. Not complaining...grateful to be through the worst of it! This footage does not capture just how happy this little boat makes me!!! ;-) IMG_5855.mov
  5. The "new sail" - been used twice by Oli T in his Japan lympix attempt - a North Xi-1. First time out for me, now being put away until the nationals! (It's a keeper!)
  6. So the bimbling is done....and as promised...here's the result. First splash since the refurb. The only question now is "should I get a new AoR boom?" At $1250, it's a question I need to ask myself! ;-)
  7. In mast furling main...no battens...looks/is crap.
  8. Couta

    rs aero

    Marc is a looong time mate - Absolutely shocked to hear the news - if the huge love and massive best wishes of his legions of friends have anything to do with it, he'll be back on the water in no time!
  9. Couta

    rs aero

    Whaaat? Thanks for the heads up...I've seen that marc has been posting vids on Youtube for the past few weeks and assumed he was his usual super energetic self.....
  10. WooHoo! Sounds like Australia's first Nuked up Sub will soon be on lease to us Ozzies....available on a "scratch & dent" discount!!!
  11. Laurie Davidson - legend. We won't see the likes of him again...fair winds!
  12. So... Sly Pig...you wish to know the secrets to success? There are two! The First is.....don't share all that you know....!
  13. So...a pill...but not as effective as double dose vaccination in limiting hospitalisation and / or death....ok...so maybe something for the anti-vaxxers?
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