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  1. That is SOOOO speciest! We cannot have true equality until we acknowledge the contribution of those that we have relied upon in our relentless march to hegemony! Yes...we have indeed evolved from the ancient oceanic primordial soup...and on that basis alone, swimming...and its natural progression...sailing.... has established its antecedent priority as a lypmix contest...but until we have at least representation from the invertebrates, we can hardly begin to consider the lympix an 'accessible' event.....this oversight is extraordinary, particularly given the demonstrative lack of spine evident
  2. That's hilarious....! You conveniently missed the comparison....to suggest that the IOC stands for accessibility from all nations....Nobody believes that propaganda. The Lympix was never about accessibility and competition on a level playing field...and to suggest that it's the case in Sailing (of all sports!!)...well, that is just ludicrous.
  3. 80kgs is the upper competitive weight limit for every one of these classes...and now every other lympic class. And yes...I've sailed all of these classes (not a nacra) competitively....and your statement about the Finn shows incredible ignorance. My statement highlighted that the only olympic class that accommodates 80+kg athletes and which embodies power, strength, endurance, tactics and skill is the Finn....which is why it has been the longest serving sailing event in the Lympix. And for the record I've chased lympic glory myself..in 470, Soling and FD...and I now own a Finn.
  4. WS doesn't represents sailors at all...(the exception may be for a very small group of elites in olympic pathway classes) it manages the sport for the benefit of administrators and sponsors (in this case the IOC). WS made a blatant "grab" for kites & boards that resulted in court action as the representative authorities for these sports rightly claimed that the only reason WS was interested was because of IOC....and as far as offshore racing is concerned, WS is a complete irrelevancy. Sailing IS a broad activity....but the Lympics is not. The dumping of the Finn saw the last opti
  5. The new M11...just like an etchells...."Same, same, but different"
  6. Stick the proverbial fork in it...Sailing in the Lympix is done. WS is the forelock tugging slobbering lackey of the IOC and has no relevance to the grass roots of the sport. It's last grasp struggle for relevance was the ridiculous claim that foiling windsurfers, boards & kites were part of their community....and both groups called bullshit on that. We've seen issues of "gender representation equality" used to squeeze the sport into uncomfortable compromises, when the real reason is the IOC's need for televisual, marketable, simple, sexy, packaged events.....it's an events marketing busin
  7. The shortlist is finalised....check the link for the submissions that were denied.Pretty clear that WS will not accept the Finn under any circumstances....despite every good reason for its continued inclusion. Larger sailors are the pariahs of the sport. https://www.sailing.org/news/90924.php?fbclid=IwAR102_zBU4_sMVlA1HGt7U5_I5EI8f5g8wtH4C9LqXrfN-WEFQotC4lPQkc#.YIyFHukzbRZ The World Sailing Board and President approved three alternative event proposals in the 30 April 2021 Board Meeting. These are: - Individual Men's and Women's Kiteboard Events - Formula Kite - Individual Men's and Wo
  8. Even funnier when you find out that the offending boat had paid sailors on board....PHS?? FFS!!!
  9. Brand new boat...no certificate issued...and yeah...totally agree!
  10. Thanks for the feedback and opinion - to be clear, our boat was in a clear air stbd line up with a plan to maintain stbd tack and the LHS of course....the incident forced us to luff near head to wind to avoid serious contact. Our recovery to stbd tack left us in a fleet of bad air and forced us to tack to clear it....clear loss of advantage. I think we've flogged this dead horse long enough...the point was that the process of arbitration felt very much like bullying by the jury representative to withdraw...and the penalty was not reflective of the seriousness of the fundamental rule breec
  11. Yes...a perfunctory introduction..as is customary. Technically they had the right to do what they did - but a blatant P/S with major interference in close company, just off the startline - that's not a minor infraction in any race I've ever done. The conclusion from the behaviour and decision making of the jury was that there was a reluctance to interfere with the overall result. As for appealing? What are the grounds? SI's give discretion...and what are the chances of an appeal overturning the penalty on a reappraisal of the severity of the rule breach? Unlikely me thinks.
  12. FACTS 1. The PC accepted that the protestor had hailed "protest" and displayed a red flag. 2. 9930 and B347 were sailing to windward on starboard tack with 9930 to windward of B347. 3. B347 tacked onto port approximately 1 boat length from 9930. 4. 9930 hailed starboard. 4. 9930 believed that B347 was not keeping clear and altered course to avoid contact. 4. B347 bore away and passed less than 1m astern of 9930. 5. There was no contact. CONCLUSIONS 1.B347 on port tack failed to keep clear of 9930 on starboard tack. RRS 10. 2. 9930 took action to avoid contact with B347 as required
  13. 9.4 In accordance with RRS 64.2 the Jury may award a disqualification or a scoring penalty which may include no penalty.
  14. The chairman of the jurors was wearing an RQYS shirt.
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