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  1. Thanks J. The tearful emotion his daughters had when Joel and Patty showed what beautiful work they had added to Mr Vinson's hulls set off some heartstrings of my own. Too many of these old multi's never get finished and to see the excellently finished boat ready to sail off to the Pacific was pretty cool. BTW designer John Marples did join us and it was pretty cool to hear his comments and congratulations to both the hull builder David and final assembler and finishers Joel and Patty. It is on Utube if you want to see it; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNKPNaDN3ZKW_y-wc0bVn2A
  2. Wow that is tempting but my 31 is truly big enough for Puget Sound. Still....
  3. I'm off to work but many say that if you really like the boat (the 32AX you mentioned) just do what you need to get it. You can't buy more time on this earth. It will be amortized over many years and in the end you will be able to sell it for a premium price as well. Farrier always stressed the total cost of ownership which includes your eventual sales price. These boats hold there value so well. I suspect I can sell mine for what I paid! Good luck
  4. Too late to edit the bump post above, I wanted to add that I just got a note that John Marples may join our zoom meeting where the newly finished and beautifully built 35 footer of his design will be presented. Here is the email note I got: Hope to see you all on Tuesday evening. Here’s email greetings from John Marples who designed this trimaran. (His website is Searunner Multihulls - Home Searunner Multihulls - About Us ) From: John Marples <marplesmarine@gmail.com> Hi Diane, Thanks for the invite. I will try to attend. I am so glad to see this boat finished
  5. 36 would be sweet. Do some research on that model first though. There are a variety of opinions. Calling Wess?
  6. Have you been to the Fboat io site, that is the best chance of finding an unlisted barnfind or maybe-for-sale deal: https://fct.groups.io/g/main/topics?p=recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,20,81769034 Sounds like you are set on the UC but I think it wastes space unless you really spend a lot of time in the bathroom or really need a big shower. The vee berth of the AC is useful for a cruising couple to store (out of the way) folding bikes, inflatable kayaks & paddleboards, and other manner of cruising toys. Keeps the clutter down in the living area. You can shower in the AC but we al
  7. Proa, that video shows the fastest (mast-foot swap) I've ever seen on "film", (not that I seek that out). At first it seemed like it was as fast as a tack. Then I realized that it didn't actually show a shunt with the whole; stop the boat, reverse the direction, build up speed in the other direction, routine. It was also light wind/no-struggle conditions. I compare that to the minutes long, winch grinding shunt I saw on the Red Boat thread. I'm not a basher, proas seem like fine vessels in some/many applications. I'd like a ride on one someday. Beautiful photography.
  8. Seagul, when ever I hear of CE standards I think of the discussion some years back that they only require brass thru hulls that last 5 years. If true I don't think much of CE standards. Also your auto correct seems to think that tough has 2 "h"s. (though). Your English, though, is much better than my Norwegian.
  9. Hello NWMA members and Multihull enthusiasts - Our next Zoom meeting is Tuesday evening, April 6. 6:30 pm (Pacific Time) Virtual Potluck 7:00 NWMA Meeting and Announcements Northwest Multihull Association (nwmultihull.org) 7:20 Peter Nelson of Seattle's Multihull Youth Sailing Foundation, MY SAIL. Upcoming events include several months of Thursday evening free sailing on Hobie Cats at Shilshole Marina, multihull sailing summer camps with CYC, racing and more! Peter is also connected to the Hobie Cat fleet.
  10. Nothing like the smell of burning rubber in your banjo
  11. Sounds like you are on top of it. Looking forward to you report on how it works out for you.
  12. Bull, I'm partner in a steel canal boat in France. I know that we require a different metal anode than if we were in salt water. Magnesium or something. Your boat is not steel so maybe there is less of an issue with you. I think the manufacturer of your drive is European. I'd assume they will have some experience with *fresh non-saltwater regarding electrolysis, maybe more than your local dealer. I'd contact them. *Canal water is far from fresh.
  13. I don't know if I'll get lambasted but I watched most of that video of the kids on Nuttin' Wong. This was not a promo that was bought and paid for by the Captain. Its a nice film by one of the crew, AFAICT. Even though Capt Clive has been grifting along for the last 20 years as a burned out hippie and maybe alcoholic, taking or making money where he can, those kids got an adventure of a lifetime for not a lot of dough. I'm sure they had downsides and some arguments, (what passage doesn't) but there were a lot of smiles, mostly smiles. Us old folks shouldn't forget the adventures we had as
  14. I didn't search very hard but from what I saw my recollection, which ought to be verified, is: Cornell wanted to try again with some changes, but this boat is up for sale. The two Ocean volt generators didn't produce enough power, (I think a net average gain was 325 watts and wasn't enough to power the AP, fridge, nav instruments & lights, pumps, induction cook top, electric winches and what ever else). They didn't maximize the solar panels, (1.3 KW IIRC) and they thought they could fit more which might make the difference. FWIW, Outremer strongly suggested fitting a diesel gener
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