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  1. Hobbit, thats the second time you've posted a pic of this intersection, even from the same spot and towards the same bridge. (not unusual but this is a pretty insignificant crossroad in a suburban of Seattle. This is a different picture in that it is during the winter after one of our not too frequent snow falls. The overpass is US Highway 10, now I-90, at NE 108 St in Bellevue. I grew up a quarter mile away from here and rode the school bus by this sign everyday. Again you brought back found memories of youth. Looks like poor Medina (now home to Bill Gates and other billionaires)
  2. Musing, I wonder it the forward the cross beam "structure" can be engineered a foot or two aft in case one hits a taller ufo. You then could make a full height crash bow. Wonderful that they were able to get the boat to safety.
  3. Interesting question for our instant communications era. Wiki says: By August 5, 1854 telegraph cable had been successfully laid, stretching nearly 2,000 miles across the Atlantic at a depth often of more than two miles. On August 16, President James Buchanan and Queen Victoria exchanged formal introductory and complimentary messages. and Beginning about 1908, powerful transoceanic radiotelegraphy stations transmitted commercial telegram traffic between countries at rates up to 200 words per minute. I suppose Shackleton's ship, with all his fame, had the latest wireles
  4. I had a friend with a family cabin next to the Whitakers on Johns Island. She remembers Big Jim standing chest deep in the water for "hours" acclimatizing for his Everest climb. He oughta know a thing or two. When out cruising Puget Sound on a sunny day and after we are anchored I jump off the boat to clean off the days sweat. In the back of my mind I've always vaguely felt that another benefit of this is to be accustomed to an inadvertent dunking/mob. I do this in icy mountain lakes on multiday trips too. Even on multiday ski tours I often take a snow bath after the day's exertions. I
  5. Boat lift for sure. On downwind side of dock. A jet ski lift might even be adequate, it is for my Laser. I bought a cheap cable winch from Harbor Freight for the jet ski lift. Rig, then sit in boat, push down button, you're off.
  6. Interesting and not surprising. No date on the article that I saw and the latest reference was a build in 2019. I wonder what's happened in the last 3 years, nothing?
  7. Tech (VPN what ever that is) is above my pay grade. I can open my laptop and type, thats about it. Bristol, will you let me in? Often my wife gets Rogers trying to sneak in roaming charges on her cell phone while on Sucia Island: "Welcome to Canada" is the tip off. Maybe I can watch the movie from there.
  8. clicked that link and it said not available outside of Canada.
  9. Great work and project Haji, but I wanna know about that cute little aluminum runabout with the 60's Johnson OB on it.
  10. Blue, I've never had a plow type anchor. I just recall the above from Spade's marketing info of some 6 years ago. Are you saying that Spade has a mud attachment that will bring it up to Fortress's mud effectiveness? My Fortress does not have the mud plates, I don't seem to need them.
  11. Garth, I think Spade's marketing says/said that being a spade (concave) shaped fluke makes it hold better than a plow (convex) shape; the plow anchor plows a furow where a spade goes in the seabed like a shovel and sticks. I have to say that my Fortress f16 holds much better in mud than my Spade A80.
  12. fyi there's only a couple of Ft Flagler buoys that are usable. Apparently the state park's only dive inspector has recently condemned a number of them.
  13. After BoatUS decided that my 20 year old boat was fully depreciated and worth something like 20% of its street value I asked my Allstate car & house agent of 45 years. He he said no problem, no survey needed, your insured as of now for full value! Other than a few fender benders I've never had a claim so I hope he goes to bat for me if that ever happens.
  14. Pano, I have ~400' of 1/4" poly line on a garden hose roller for my stern tie. The reel is not the wide ass one you see on a cart, (sometimes with wheels). Mine has a reel that is only about 6 or 8" wide and ~2' in diameter with a ~8" diameter hub. It retrieves a lot of line in a hurry with the hand crank. Similar to this. I mounted mine on a ~3' 1x8 board so I can step on the board and reel. You could mount it somewhere but I like the board's portability.
  15. IIRC I read quite a while ago one of his wish list things was lead. I think he chipped a bunch of concrete out of the bilge in the early days. Maybe he's gonna replace it with lead ingots. Tally Ho is the only utuber I've ever sent money to, its a worthwhile project in my view. Hopefully that donation will get me a ride on it before it leaves the area.
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