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  1. Well, that comment was in regards to crossing an ocean. As you say, you don't need to sit at one of those outside helms. So, to some blue water sailors its not a big deal. I do think it is fun sometimes to sit there and sail for while, thus my thought about an emergency tiller mod. Its surprising how fast container ships zip up and down Puget Sound, and the straits. I suppose they go upwards of 25 knots and close pretty quick. Its no secret; logs, you can't seem em well when the wind is up. Bobbing deadheads are impossible to see until they decide to surface, sometimes like
  2. Lots to like. My nit picks are the "shake and bake" athwart helms and the round corners in the seating. Not necessarily deal breakers for me. Some like those helms for various reasons. Being a Salish Sea sailor I like being out of the weather; rain, mist, cold wind or hot sunshine and in a comfy, reversing, double, bench seat under a bimini. I've mostly sailed bulkhead helm cats and I like them for that and the reasonably good visibility. Up here with big logs and marine traffic its important to stand a pretty continuous watch. Drop the windshield if you want wind in the hair. Ideally
  3. Dang T, that is beautiful. Great job! I am concerned about the gap between the net and ama. Maybe its not that big but I've put my leg through such a gap and landed with full weight on my hip against the aka of an F28. I got a painful bruise that took weeks to go away. Many fboaters do not fully lace up their nets after folding out the boat. This leaves a gap between the beam/aka and the net, right where you step out of the cockpit and onto the nets. But go sailing now, you deserve it! Change that later if you like.
  4. Jeez, I just tiled my basement shower with 4"x4" squares in that green. The pastel matches the style of the rest of the 1941 house, (2nd and 3rd bathrooms in pink and yellow tiles). I'll have a few extras for your galley if you want, though I don't think you want the weight. I think we are all amazed at your perseverance on the long rebuild. Bravo.
  5. Doh! Missed the zoom links. Here they are: Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89982436350?pwd=Y0JueFBBT1V0WHZsZTIxenB3MmJ4QT09 Meeting ID: 899 8243 6350 Passcode: 32249 Or Dial by your location +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma) Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kbu8gzuZzI
  6. Nor yoga mats, an international emergency!
  7. Hi All, I'm cross posting to this thread in Multihull Anarchy in case anyone is interested in a presentation about this race. Its next Tuesday on zoom and in person in Seattle.
  8. Hi All, 3 boats from our multihull club competed in the WA 360 Race this past June. Each of these teams will present their take on the race next Tuesday, with Q&A. The WA360 race was a replacement for last year's R2AK. R2AK was cancelled due to the Canada Covid border closure. The WA360 is a ~360 mile race around Puget Sound in Washington state, without the use of engines. Everyone is invited, you don't need to be a member, just show up in person at Seattle's Puget Sound Yacht Club, or on Zoom. Our club is a mixture of factory and home built, small and cruising multihulls with
  9. Steve, I was in the yard in July when a guy hauled out what he called his Crowther 34 Buccaneer, launched in 1997. He isn't the original owner. It was sailed in the 2017 R2AK by someone else. Boat name was/is? Lung Ta which I believe has a history with the NW Multihull Association in Seattle. He'd kept it in Pt Hadlock for a few years after he bought it. He was going to do a bunch of work on it.
  10. Yes! Loved my old Casio, now RIP at the bottom of the lake. I hate having a big clunky watch. It gets caught on stuff, kind of like not wearing rings if you work with power tools/machinery.
  11. IIRC, 10 or so years ago the exam I took, and the study booklet I read, in Washington State did not mention anything about sailboats having right of way over motor boats. WTF! I've had at least one ridiculous incident with a $100K+, 35 footer exhibiting this lack of awareness as well as many other idiotic and sometimes scary encounters. I went through the whole exam and certificate registration process until, at the last, they surprised me with the $10 ask. Being born before the exemption date of 1955 I declined to give them my credit card number, especially since the above most basic ten
  12. I'm lucky that I moor on the fresh water side of some locks. I make a point to dump my A80 Spade anchor and chain in the lake for several days after returning from the sea. After 6 years there is no noticeable corrosion but I have seen a ~ 15 year old A80 Spade with a lot of corrosion. IIRC, the lead in the tip added to the problem.
  13. The Bullitts are a wealthy family in Seattle. Lots of civic & charitable activity. Don't know if they are sailors but they could easily afford a boat like this I imagine.
  14. Thats the general idea; to make Deminimus' shop larger to fit his new boat. Seems like a reasonable thing if he owns it for many years. However, if he's going to move soon then its not a good payoff.
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