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  1. I both passed a pretty hard Physics qualifier and became an effective Physicist, and I don’t really think the one led to the other. If anything it got in the way. I mean it’s fun and all, in a hazing kind of way, but I already knew how to work and I already knew how to bend my mind to learn new Physics so I was never really sure what we were achieving except just another test to pass that was cute for the theory guys but mainly annoying for us experimental guys. I can look that shit up. Kinda like the classics thing. If you read what they are saying, to do what they are defining as m
  2. In a general, college is about learning and growing up and weren't the 80's great, kinda way I agree with you. But it isn't the 80s anymore. If sailing wants to be a sport, it needs to be a sport. And sports in 2020 is not about socializing and drinking and parties. Sports is about professional performance. So we probably agree that maybe that sucks and the America of 1980 was way better than the America of today. But we live in the America of today. And if we want sailing to be a sport we need to get with the program and put down the red cups.
  3. It is just luck that the US has spent hundreds of billions over the last 40-50 years doing intense basic research on immunology and vaccines? Just luck that there was work sitting waiting at the U. of Texas on the spike protein, as well as Moderna’s work on mRNA, that led to the first vaccine being made days after the virus was sequenced. Modern Science - the science that brought you the vaccine, is a massive publicly funded effort that we should all be cheering. It gets results and it’s not luck.
  4. Nope not a problem. TSA guy took it out to look at it on Friday, but was more interested in the pliers.
  5. Rod at Vela sailing. They pick up the phone and they will take care of you.
  6. About the parties - well things are different in college sailing now. It ain’t the 80s anymore. Varsity team athletes, for many teams, are required to act like varsity athletes and one red cup picture during a regatta weekend could get you kicked off the team. It ain’t the 80s. Schools are taking their programs seriously and that’s a good thing.
  7. There is no evidence that anyone was ever on the team, or even admitted because of donations. John V. Has stated that there were not. The AD on the other hand seems to have been doing all sorts of dealings. Who is the more likely culprit of a pay to admit scheme - a regular Joe sailing coach (who can’t give scholarships) or an AD of a huge football and basketball team used to wheeling and dealing on the shady edge of the NCAA?
  8. With sailors that have qualified from other classes. Hell yeah.
  9. I wonder if you could elaborate on this? What is experience?
  10. Oh man - every excuse to go to CanAm. At some point they had this single-handed as assym-spin maybe Russian? beautiful machine sitting in the shop and we’d just go drool.
  11. The problem with 2x2 team racing is that it takes forever because it just devolves into old-school match racing with boats sitting still a lot, or just chasing off into the sunset. Modern team racing is usually 3X3, which is exciting, fast, and fun. And it's not hard to understand the math. There are only a few winning combos and it's easy to see them. Not hard for punters who can understand rugby or Aussie football.
  12. Because I am not rich and don’t have the money for a lawyer in Massachusetts. How hard is this to understand? $10k for a new boat was doable for our kids. Another $10K within a few months for a replacement boat has drained the bank. You think lawyers are free or what? We are not rich people and we trusted these people to be honest. So all I’ve got is to tell everyone in earshot: Dont buy from Rob Simmons and don’t do business with Matt Wake.
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