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  1. I've loved my Subarus, so would echo the support for that idea... maybe a used one from before touchscreens. But... The above comment made me wonder if there's a simple answer... Can you find a used vehicle of the same make and model (presumably several years newer though) as her old one? If she loved it, why change?
  2. Everything I can find suggests NBC is planning to show it only on their Peacock streaming service, not on the NBC Sports network (which apparently they're planning to shut down and shunt entirely to Peacock at the end of the year). I hate streaming services, have never signed up for one, and would rather not do so, but unless I'm missing something, it's that or don't watch. It also looks like starting over, pausing, and rewinding won't be available, so you have to watch it live and uninterrupted or wait until they release it on-demand later. I'm not sure how much later. My habit for ye
  3. If you're never over early, you aren't trying hard enough.
  4. When I'm home, I usually have it open on a computer while doing other stuff... And I've been working from home for 14 years (not just the pandemic), so I've gotten pretty good at being productive at plenty of other things while also paying attention to whatever race(s) I might be running. How much active attention I give it depends on how complicated the situation is (and how much my other activities demand my attention). So it's hard to define how much time I spend.
  5. A convenient alternative for next weekend for boats in that area: https://www.essexyc.com/On_The_Water/Racing/Wetherill_Race I'm actually flying out to doublehand it with my dad. New course this year. 140 nm from Old Saybrook out to Martha's Vineyard and back. For those who prefer the non-spinnaker element of Marion-Bermuda, this race has a Non-spinnaker division. A couple boats were registered non-spin and then flipped to spin, so none are currently registered as such. But it wouldn't take many new entries to form a NS fleet. Anyway... I believe the registration deadline is t
  6. Thanks. I actually won that event the last two years in a row, so find myself in the odd position of being disappointed with second.
  7. I probably cost myself some spots at the finish by sleeping through last night. I set waypoints to clear a couple islands, with the intent of switching to VMG angles sometime around 0130... But I didn't feel I was doing well enough to justify setting alarms, etc... Figured I'd probably wake up at some point anyway and then sort it out on my phone. Woke up around 2:30, and decided it just wasn't worth it (because once I've woken up enough to work on it, I usually need 20-30 minutes to fall asleep again, and if I discover a risk of running aground, then I have trouble falling asleep at all).
  8. Regarding the waypoint thing... The main bug was resolved, but if you do a bunch of different clicks while your boat is actively passing waypoints, there are ways to get it to basically confirm that the waypoint you just sailed through is now your next waypoint. For example... I'm not sure what happens if you open the waypoint menu and are actively playing with waypoint 4 when the boat sails through waypoint 1... If you then confirm things (to confirm your waypoint 4 changes), it might result in waypoint 1 coming back. I generally try to avoid messing with waypoints while actively sailing
  9. Not sure yet if I'll do Leg 3. It's projected to involve short-tacking an island for a couple hours between 1 and 5 AM in my timezone, and I'm racing my real boat the next day (and my toddler has a stomach bug), so... Smart move is for me to skip this one. But I like these tricky coastal races and often change from the smart move to the "why not? how bad can it be?" move at the last moment.
  10. A lot og good boats started ~18 hours before me, during the US night. I was planning to wait until the following evening's window (a little later than I actually started), but then I woke up yesterday morning to see those boats had started while I was sleeping and my start time's forecast had deteriorated. It's ok. I like having more space around me and having the fleet in front of me. We'll see how it pans out. This is unlikely to be the winning run anyway.
  11. If you're in the main screen of the VR Offshore user interface, clicking on the calendar in the bottom-left corner to see it... The time shown there should be in your local timezone. For me, it's showing as 8 AM Central US Time on May 1. There have been a lot of theories about this over the years. In the past, some people believe it mattered to be hitting it at high speed or at an angle as close as directly toward the center as possible. It's possible that may have been true at some time in the past, but I'm pretty sure it's irrelevant now (if it was ever relevant at all). As far
  12. Zezo would give you the basic concept, but of course I'm adjusting every time the forecast updates. The loose plan is... stay near 60N, and play the shifts. But... We're looking at heavy fleet compression conditions continuously all the way to the finish. Expect a pileup where no matter how good or bad (but not terrible) your routing is, you're gaining on those ahead and seeing the guys you put away yesterday coming back. Very tight margins at the finish. Maybe only a few minutes from first to 300th. So if you're a bit behind, keep the hammer down and maybe you'll produce a sur
  13. I kinda made it. I was sailing at TWA 27.5 by the time I turned the corner. But I had my waypoints set for a very nice tight rounding and I figured I'd lose more on a poor hand-steered rounding than on luffing all the way around. Max VMG in 2.0 kts windspeed is 1.3 at TWA 48, but even at TWA 27, the VMG is still 1.0, so I probably just lost a few minutes. Plenty of sailing left to do.
  14. This mark rounding is going to be massively important... Fleet compression inbound, with wind dying and going forward. If you get around and get back out into the building breeze on a hot angle, you can extend. If not, you're beating into 2 kts trying to get around the damn mark while the fleet sails away. I set up for a hotter angle inbound, but I'm worried the wind might get too far forward before I arrive. I'm set on waypoints... I'll either get around or be in irons. Reminds me of a Sunfish regatta when I was maybe 10 years old and didn't properly understand yet that if you were
  15. Thanks, guys! I'll keep it on my wishlist and look at it more seriously if I ever live somewhere where it would make sense.
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