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  1. I guess it partly depends on whether or not they'd be willing to kill an attempt 3 days out, return, and try again... Seems like a one-shot annual attempt is the usual plan... but if you're willing to give it a go, bail out, re-provision, and try again... then they could have gone out and made the decision on whether or not to proceed post-start.
  2. Good on the Sodebo guys for plugging away to finish properly even though they clearly can't make enough speed to pass anyone. I've been pondering these questions... -Will all of the Ultimes finish before any Ocean 50s? I think probably yes, but Sodebo is iffy. -Will all of the Ocean 50s finish before any of the IMOCAs? Seems like certainly yes. -Will all of the IMOCAs finish before any of the Class 40s? At a glance, it seems like no... But... I think most will and I'm not giving up on all. I think the fastest route to the finish requires some southing, so the IMOCAs needi
  3. Interesting track for Tripon/Marie... 10 gybes in about 6.5 hours. Seems excessively frequent. Makes me wonder if they were just practicing their gybe routine or something.
  4. As far as I can tell from NOR 20.3, technical stops don't involve penalties as long as you communicate with race management and comply with their directions, and your stop lasts at least 4 hours. Which, as you suggested, makes sense because you're already losing time for the stop itself plus the diversion in your routing, etc.
  5. The Sodebo situation made me curious... Here's the technical stop content from the NOR...
  6. Thanks but I think not. Sometimes being stubborn when the forecast recommends a change is a good move... Usually you know it was if a later forecast comes back to say that your plan is back on track... But... two days after deciding to be stubborn, I'm still being told by Zezo that I should turn West. So... I think this will end very badly for me. But I'm committed. I'm going to get across Biscay before listening to Zezo. Because if I turn West now, I'll just be dropping myself into a spot 100+ miles behind the main pack.
  7. In the Virtual Regatta version of this race, many competitors use this router.... www.zezo.org It's worth a look for people interested in seeing what routings the real racers might consider. If you go into one of the TJV routing pages, right-click to bring up a menu, and choose "Full Pack" so that it will use polars with a full set of quality sails, foils, etc... (the stuff you have to pay for in the game). The polars it uses in that case are reasonably close to the real world boats' polars. The game doesn't have current or sea state or breakage, so the considerations in choosing
  8. Forecast just threw C40 for a loop... Fleet should spread out all over the place now. Crapshoot over the next couple days before we know who's right...
  9. I just signed up for C40. Running on credits with all options (except radio). It looks like the first 8 hours will be straightforward in C40, not approaching coastal stuff until my real regatta should be over. The faster fleets might be more interesting, but I don't want to deal with coastal stuff while racing my real boat, and I also don't want to get off to a bad start.
  10. I used to really like Class 40, particularly because I dream of owning one eventually... but... the polars on them were changed such that they can't point at all. I guess scow bows. They used to like sailing 36 degrees off the wind. Sometimes even 34. Now they want 50+ degrees most of the time. I find that painful to cope with. Although this race should mostly be downwind, so maybe it isn't a deal breaker. IMOCA seems like a good option for fun, but it's also the biggest fleet and therefore the toughest to do well in. Ultime is quite popular too. Ocean50 is probably the place to
  11. I've been lurking and enjoying this thread, and thinking about the finish line debacle... An underlying point here is that anytime an event has an "overall winner" with rating adjustments and highly disparate ratings, it's going to be inherently "unfair". I mean... Sunrise and Comanche both sailed outstanding races, and both won their classes by wide margins, but when one boat's rating is almost double the other's, they're going to experience very different weather conditions as they go around the course, particularly after the first boat finishes. Who "wins overall" among the boats who sa
  12. At 24.99 for a full pack, I'm leaning toward skipping these. Definitely won't be doing more than one if I do one. It's a shame that the pricing has gone up so much. I've enjoyed VR for years, and still do plenty of races, but at some point it's ridiculous.
  13. The big light patch West of Sicily is expected to fill in nicely about 12 hours from now... Might see a low-rated IRC6 boat rise up the rankings toward the finish. Jangada as a random example.
  14. Strong breeze out by Fastnet Rock now, with fast downwind conditions filling in from there toward the finish over the next day plus... It'll be interesting to see if any of the IRC4 boats can go fast enough to move up the IRC Overall board, or if 3,5 days of slogging upwind is too much to overcome. Looks like about a dozen boats remain to get around the rock. A few more if you count the ones that haven't cleared the TSS on the return leg yet. (With that wind angle, they won't really be able to bear off and go fast until after they clear the TSS). I hope they can all get around without
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