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  1. Make it a condition of entry that the winner have in place a plan for taking over the AC communications? In a $100m+ campaign surely they can afford one or two optimistic comms and marketing bods?
  2. And that acceptance is what confuses me. They must know that puppy won't fly... I've been under a rock - is there any negative comment outside the hallowed halls of SA? Has correction not been needed as it's a no event in mainstream reporting?
  3. The idea of fixing the boat as AC75v2 for the next AC37 event is fine. Signalling that it's the preferred boat for AC38 is ok too. But trying to make it mandatory for AC38 doesn't work, against spirit of the event, and wouldn't stand up to legal scrutiny I'd guess. And ETNZ/INEOS would know that, and they're not dumb... So, why pretend they can force a boat for AC38? I'll hold my tongue until it's clear this is what they're pushing, and not some communications fuck up.
  4. Cool, we've found our Skipper for AC37... Should sort out the "gender balance" for the perpetually offended.
  5. If you look closely at his forehead, you'll see the circumcision scars...
  6. I'm pretty sure the correct term is "a casserole"...
  7. As long as ETNZ hold the cup, I don't have an issue with persisting with a class of boat, and signalling that to potential entrants. I suspect that if ETNZ lose the cup, anything that anyone signed up to previously (e.g. aforementioned persistence if AC75) would be legally difficult to enforce... and they'll know that...
  8. But it was a manky Big Ben pie, and dodgy mass produced donut...
  9. With AI control, human safety not an issue. AC37 = AC75 death match?
  10. Just get your criminal shit sorted, build a fucking boat, and turn up, ok?
  11. Just... One... More... Little... Race... I can give up anytime.
  12. They came down from Meekatharra In a burned-out blue FJ That farted and just shit itself in Jutland Parade Right next door to Bondy's...
  13. Do you think Jacinda would sign off on that? I have doubts...
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