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  1. I took a look. Attractive design, great vis from everywhere. Buy yes, I’d be nervous of those windows getting stoved in. No door to prevent the floats getting flooded. The galley is a bit big for my taste. Not enough room for the control/watch seat, which needs to be a good chair, not a stool. Strange that the 54 is 16.25 tons vs the 16.35 of the 62. It should be a lot lighter shouldn’t it? Have they beefed it up relative to the 62? Also puzzlingly heavy anyway for a 54’ all carbon cat. The mostly glass Outremer 55 is 13.5 tonnes. Are those huge windows glass? They must weigh loads.
  2. Another self obsessed twat. I can't believe he got 350,000 views for his piece of crap. He isn't even nice to look at. He needs to wash and comb his horrid hair and stay off the dope a while.
  3. ...In a totally humourless manner. You also missed the point. Dylan has a sense of humour and he wasn't writing a thesis on Scots history, just creating a bit of fun. He is good guy. You are a dick, so please STFU.
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