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  1. Where are the TP52s? They regularlly win most of the offshore events, yet I only see one IRC52 (Tala) sailing. Yes, no foils, but still some of the fastest boats around. just seems odd.
  2. Yes - staysails (spin for sure) are tacked to weather when deep reaching- 145TWA plus, else they get collapsed behind the main
  3. Having raced TP a number of times (including this one), the main reason they allowing stacking is the stability/safety required for the early part of the race. If the race takes 7-8 days, the first 2-3 days are hard reaching in up to 25 knots. The majority of these boats are designed for crews of 12-15 on the rail in these conditions, but since its mostly downwind, the crews are cut down to 8-10, and half of those are off watch. So, consider hard reaching with a crew of 4 on-watch, with really no on hiking as they are all driving or trimming. It makes for a very slow, uncomfortable reach.
  4. what time was that again? 1 pm EDT? oh sorry i was actually racing. Just like triathalons, sailing is NOT a spectator sport.....
  5. A few years ago there was some theoretical dicussions about a long offhsore race and how to handle varying boats and wind conditions (eg: boats could be started a day or three apart and thus the wind gods were very different for each boat throughout the course). In the theoretical world, it was considered to rate each boat in the weather in which they race, on a spot basis, and then, euphemestically using calcuclus, add up all these slices for each boat, and then compare each boat versus their 'spot' theorectical best speed. It was surmised that boats would gather wind data through the r
  6. The real question - do you handicap/rate the sailors or the boat? The boat should be rated at the best it can be with good sailors aboard. Anything less and they aren't rated to their top ability. I used to be on a sailmaker's 'crew'. The sailmaker would sell a sail or two to a downfleet 'racer'. We would then send the owner out with the sailmaker for breakfast while the 'crew' stripped the boat, tuned the rig, set the battens, etc The the sailmaker came on board, nailed the start, sailed the shortest distance, we got the sails up and down within a quarter of the leg - and bang, we m
  7. Disney finished at 10:22 PDT which makes it ~ 1d 21h 22m? Takes 16 hrs off the record? Bet they get 3 sec/mi penalty in PH now
  8. The boat that pulled out of the alt-race, was seen moving around Newport with no rig late in the week. Any update on why Peligroso and Rio dropped? Peligroso would only quit for a good reason - hope everyone is okay. I heard thoughts this morning about Rio dropping because they were getting spanked by a 'little boat',
  9. Doesn't look like a barn burner at this point... but it should be a nice easy slide down the coast - and not an upwind ball buster!!
  10. In order of shitiness - bottoms up: - J-locks - shitty snap shackles - bowlines - Tylaska - soft shackels The right answer is soft shackles on asym kites (no rushinmg required and no climb-to- end-of-pole changes needed). If you have a pole, then i recommend replacing the whole rig with asym and sprit!
  11. N2E rocked when it started on Thursday, arrived on friday. 550 boats - at one point they had 125 boats finish in 5 minutes on one line without trackers!! - then we partied until trophies saturday after noon and on into Sunday morning when you ran out of town to beat the border traffic That rocked. Until the saturday happened to be Cinco de Mayo and you had - the sailors (and hangeroners), the gringos down for Cindo, and the biker gangs down for Cinco. To say the least, it ended badly (well, it was wild fun before it ended badly). Then they moved it off of Cinco de Mayo, move the start to
  12. MG hats are free! and thats all that matters!
  13. After taking the course, the concept is good - otherwise you will let any drun k houligan with $50G drag his 2x250hp outboards all over with no knowledge. But what irks me is that the BIGGEST idiots are the rental boats in our fair harbor, that get more training on their lawn mower at HD, that dont have to get one!! Ludicrous. Its not like they let car renters get bye without a license.
  14. Seems like the boat was out sailing (per cover picture) but not in Yachting Cup?
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