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  1. pull the windward jib sheet and use it as an infucker.
  2. 10-12 knts of wind over deck, sunshine and about 17 degree C ... good day (even with the huge hangover...) 609480101_WhatsAppVideo2021-09-21at22_16_06.mp4
  3. getting the person out... for the original problem you're too late since the person is already in the water...
  4. maybe not dumb but at least useless! it does not contribute to solving the problem!
  5. got this one and happy with it! (can open it with one hand (thumb move...)):
  6. i guess we agree that different boats need to be sailed differently to get max performance.... (hikiing on a dragon is more effective than you might think...)
  7. 'The best angle of heel for sailing speed is zero.' Not always true... for example a dragon has an optimal angle of heel of 11 degrees due to waterline length...
  8. Speed of (re)positioning 4-5 kts? more like 3 kts... but still fast enough. biggest advantage is the amount of volunteers needed to get the course in...
  9. but you can save money on RIB's.... course changes are easy...
  10. we have several of these marks at the sailing club. was a really good solution for reducing race management crew during COVID and will be used in the future. (less volunteers needed) we sail at the IJsselmeer in the Netherlands so no current...
  11. the other way around will eat your halyard pretty fast, too... (tried it...)
  12. without Olymics all the power would be back at class organizations... not so bad...
  13. or if the companionway is not in centre...
  14. Dutch and living in the Netherlands... guess i fit the criteria...
  15. i see similarities between boats and dumpsters... (buying the boat is easy, storing it a little less....)
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