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  1. when looking at the images... that's no 12m... it's an old 40' ofshore IOR boat...
  2. in case of a active (non-COVID) season of dragon racing all the trousers i tried were gone in 3 years... now use gul: it's cheap, it's breathable and it lasts just as long as the expensive shit....
  3. she has her original name back! (and used some cleaner and wax...)
  4. sometimes thinking a bit forward... and enter backwards... when hitting reverse she will go 45 degrees starboard until she's at speed...
  5. when hitting reverse with the engine i was at first a bit overwelmed by the way she wants to go starboard (when at speed she's easy to handle going backwards).... and then started thinking... it's not just the weel effect... the engine is not in the centerline (under the companionway (don't start about it again)) and neither is the shaft... but the prop is (or just about...)!
  6. just the transom... (tried to get as close as possible to the original colour and she will get her original name back...)
  7. a bit of colour change... (beside the colour of antifouling (they were our of black so it became blue)/ I think it's close to the original colour (see earier pics)) mixed red and orange 1:1...
  8. Gul cheap and ok quality ... (over here...in the Netherlands before brexit.. (don't know how it's now)) my trousers don't last longer than 3 years anyhow... (lots of dragon sailing (practicaly living in those things...)) last thing i bought was a smog for 120 EUR...
  9. for outside woodwork (high UV) i don't use normal varnish... but... (ultra UV resistant...):
  10. to get the moist percentage ok, i'll give it the second layer just after i've taken a shower tomorrow morning.... (window in the livingroom opened and window in the bathroom closed...) sanding i do on the balcony...
  11. you can imagine the smell after the first layer of varnish... in the livingroom...
  12. mmmmmhhhhhhhh..... i'm going to sand the bildge on my boat, too... and then i'm going to put this stuf on it (also on the keel structure (not the bolts)): it will be smooth, metal will be protected from (salt) water and it will be easy to clean... and it's not expensive...!
  13. visions of a bad trip...
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