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  1. We went to visit an exchange student and her family in Chile. We visited their ski cabin at Portillo and talked with her grandfather. He said that he and another elderly friend fell asleep while taking a break hiking on a ridge. They were startled awake with 2 condors flapping their wings directly above them. BAIT??? We saw 10-12 condors soaring above.
  2. Didn't we bribe the Kaiser to have him rule in our favor. . . imagine that?
  3. My uncle assembled a Rawson 30 from deck and hull components, and was looking for helpers. I was his slave. I took a high school sailing class in 1966 on Lake Union in Seattle. On our final race we needed to invert the dinghy and right it before we finished. Unfortunately that was when there were sewage islands floating in the lake. My wife had a friend that was buying a Baltic 39 in 1977, and wanted help in designing spinnaker colors. We're both artistic, and with mucho alcohol, we apparently succeeded, and the colors have persevered. I was invited to the crew, and that was 35,
  4. We went to a Billy Joel concert at the Hollywood Bowl a few years ago. He came onstage and said that had a throat irritation, and would be spraying something down his throat to relieve the pain. . . I'm not like Ted Nugent who was spraying vodka down his throat at his concert. Then he said. . . He should have sprayed it up his ass! And the music began.
  5. I loved the Kalakala. It seemed like it would rattle itself apart before we got back to the dock. I celebrated a 1966 high school graduation party on her.
  6. BBQ'd Pacific Oysters harvested from the beach. I've planted 6,500 oysters over the last 5 years.
  7. My beach with crabbing boat and MIT Sailing dinghy at medium low tide. M
  8. What is this? It looks like a yellow-winged or yellow-shouldered blackbird, except their ranges are Puerto Rico or South America, not NW Washington State? The photo is from the interweb. It's been to my feeders several times, and I have seen it fly from above with only a bit of yellow on the shoulders.
  9. Nice hair. . . Every time that I see him, I think of Butthead?
  10. We had a blind piano tuner that we loved. He had a driver that would bring him and help him into our house. Our upright Shaw Piano from Erie, PA was in great shape, and he would comment on the quality of the finish even thought he could never see it. I learned to play when I was 6 years old (66 years ago). I was pretty good for my age, but then it became mechanical for me (OCD isn't always a good thing) and the art was gone. Perhaps that should be my new Covid distraction?
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