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  1. We were in Sydney for the '96 Sydney-Hobart. I was trying to free up a reluctant spinnaker pole end, and the foredeck guy from Quest next to us came over to offer help. As we disassembled the pole end, a part flipped over the side and sank, and we had no replacements. We sent a diver down who could not find it. We had a lovely crew-mate that arranged for a launch to go across the bay to acquire the missing part. She dressed appropriately and arrived at the yard (on Christmas Eve) and was invited for lunch, and perhaps cocktails. . . imagine that. She came back with the missing part a
  2. They know what the bottom looks like, but perhaps not there? We sailed with a NOAA commander that logged the bottom. . . they could draw contour lines around a car body in 10,000 feet of water. The charts that are available to us are fantasy compared to what is available to them.
  3. I used to live on "Pull and be Damned Road" in La Conner, WA. The sign was always missing. The county even installed pointed spikes on the sign post. . . it didn't help.
  4. I did some architectural work for Ted, and he then hired me to do some presentation drawings of his designs. I liked Ted a lot.
  5. I can't imagine that we have behavioral issues?
  6. I don't have a warm fuzzy feeling for that place. We were there on a ski trip for spring break in 1970. The septic system at the upper lodge failed and contaminated the water system. Many of us got dysentery. . . that was a fun 10 hour bus ride back to WSU.
  7. I toured the bridge of the Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier, and they used those everywhere. They removed the headliner so that that they could see where the smoke was coming from. . . this was before the retrofit.
  8. Actually there are poisonous snakes introduced by "Tar Heels" in rural areas "Upriver" along the Skagit River who moved here from the Southern USofA There are still odd settlements with their own language and behavior. My son had a summer job with Skagit County, and rode with a guy who said: I'm my own cousin. . . figure out that one out?
  9. I also had a 165 pound St. Bernard that protected like "Cujo". Harry and Mary could get past the dog, but no one else.
  10. I was a community organizer in a Lakota Sioux Community and made friends next door. Harry and his wife were both 82. I walked over to his house in the the dark, and heard some strange noises. When Harry came to the door I asked him what the writhing noise was? He said: Come and see my snakes. He had caught 6 rattlesnakes by hand, and was hanging them from his wire clothesline by their fangs. He said they make better belts if they die that way. I had passed by within about 12" of the hanging snakes. The surrounding fields had many rattlesnakes that came out of their dens in the ear
  11. I remember an interview with a MIT doctorate mathematics student on NPR. He said that he rally liked it until they stopped using numbers?
  12. That's what's where I learned to sail. . . unfortunately that's when there were unidentified sewage(?) masses surfacing in Lake Union in 1965, that have apparently since been eliminated. Before we finished our last race, we had to "turn turtle" and resurface. . . I survived, and continued to race with only minor discolored clothing.
  13. It took 10 minutes to stop the boat. . . they failed. They needed to use knives and head up to wind!
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