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  1. I'd say a point or two higher than a 505 anecdotally sailing them side by side. 505 is 80.2 and 470 is 86? So somewhere between there feels about right.
  2. Mast step is definitely going to be your biggest problem. The earlier V-15s would visibly flex under the step. And IIRC some boats had NO vertical support under the mast. Then there's the mast itself. Pretty much the same as a 420 mast, and not tapered at all. If you wanted my opinion a tapered mast would be amazing on the V-15, if you could get your hands on a I-420 mast. If not you could take a club 420 mast and get longer stays and have all the spin and trap hardware on the mast already... I'm also not sure why you care about converting back to class legal at this point. I
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