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  1. All the available girls have given up and gone home, the beer's run out, somebody's repeatedly chucking up on the dancefloor and the DJ is playing the same f***ing song over and over again ....
  2. Wow, 13 pages, a frenzy of outraged indignation over something that hasn't even been decided yet? This must set some new kind of SA record??! (... probably not )
  3. Thanks Waka. I'm retired and a bit old to be launching into any serious stuff. I have some other time-consuming interests, so will just pack the camera away for the meantime and wait for the next AC boat to sail past North Head ...
  4. I was just about to post that, thanks 45Roller. No I wasn't out that day, but the video gives a great idea of what it's like. Slightly wetter and rockier on the TV Cats mind you! I have been lucky enough to meet some of the photographers, all seem like nice people and boy do they work hard. So many images to sort, process, caption and upload. The video shows Gilles (Kiwi cap and Les Voiles de St Tropez shirt) and Carlo Borlenghi (right at the end) who are of course internationally known, Stefano Gattini (on laptop right at the end), who works for Carlo, Chris Cameron (ex-ETNZ and no
  5. Somewhere (on one of the Behind The Scenes videos?) I saw that they were working hard on that issue through the Cup, and said that it even affects the crew comms on Te Rehutai.
  6. Ha! Just found out that Andy, the driver of the media Photo Boat that I went out on back in December, is Blair Tuke's proud Dad! He told me that he came down from Kerikeri to go out as a Prada volunteer for the Cup, but I never clicked. Photos by Chris Cameron.
  7. Just received from Bermuda: Hello and a big Congratulations all the way from BDA, Emirates Team New Zealand has done it. Great ending to AC36. I will miss the sights and sounds of New Zealand on the television. I'm typing this at 2:33 in the morning here in Bermuda watching the celebration. Never in my life have I seen such a celebration. Enjoy the celebrations and hope to chat again soon. Congratulations New Zealand! ALL THE BEST ALL THE WAY FROM MyislandhomeBDA!!! Jason
  8. In that final leg ETNZ took off like a rocket, heading further down than LR (who followed them) and finishing 500m ahead. That was pretty impressive.
  9. Huge spectator fleet out there already - the fleet markers seem to be set further into the harbour than previously? Maybe giving IM more room to rotate the course if necessary?
  10. And just to add to that record, Mozzy Sails contacted me direct to ask permission to use my photos and even offered to purchase some, by way of compensation. I am more than happy to contribute any pics that might help his efforts to add to the technical conversation about these amazing machines, and very appreciative that he asked. Like RG, Mozzy puts his neck out and puts many hours into his YouTube channel and contributions to this forum. He adds far more to this place than do the serial sideline critics and grumpy fucks. Keep up the great work Mozzy!
  11. Same, built in the UK, but from fibreglass I think: https://www.sirkeithparkmemorial.org.nz/page_events_news.html Edit: Yes, fibreglass shell on a steel framework, built by the same UK replica company that built the MOTAT Hurricane.
  12. The RNZAF will fly over the team bases in about 40mins: Six-ship T-6C Texan II formation Formation of the Boeing 757-2K2 and P-3K2 Orion. The flypast is scheduled to start between 1.53PM and 2.23PM.
  13. In a PM conversation overnight, someone asked me what it was like to experience these boats up close on the race course, and he asked me to post my description on here. I guess I am extremely lucky to have been as close as I have, so here is my attempt to describe them, as difficult as it is to find the words. The TV Cat sits quite close as the boats round the top mark and bear away; we were maybe 20m away each time they went around? You can feel the power as they accelerate out of the turn towards you, then lift up as they turn further, until they are broadside on and flying a
  14. I guess so, if LR insists that the rules are adhered to ...
  15. A breeze is stirring here, and convection cloud forming over land to the north. My point is, criticism of the government trying to do it's job vs COVID has become political, and that runs the risk of undermining public confidence in the government and the system. We need a majority to be on the same page or the system will not work.
  16. Come on you lot, admit it, you are just looking for any opportunity to attack Jacinda. What makes me angry about people turning this into a left-right debate is that it feeds straight in to the anti-vax and anti-government control bullshit. The Right bang on about law and order and yet if there's one thing they hate, it's being told what to do by the Left. Or by a woman.
  17. They were waiting for this morning's tests before confirming, why is that so hard to understand? And why is it the cue to repeat the stupidly juvenile Jacinda insults?
  18. Thanks Dolphin, Nikon D7200 with Nikon AF-S 200-500mm zoom. I carry a second D7000 body with 18-140mm zoom, for wide shots. I suffer from severe size-envy when I am amongst the pros with their massive lenses, and would love a better body, but I suppose that's just natural when you get to my age!
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