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  1. Have to say that from our view (more or less ahead of the two boats) it looked like LR was too far away, it looked crazy.
  2. Thanks, yes, it was fantastic, although a rougher and wetter ride than on the larger TV Cat 1. The driver is following the camera shots, so a lot of no-warning acceleration and swerving at full speed, often with spray coming over the roof. A bit stiff and sore this morning - you are holding on tight for a lot of the day, and even though the harness and tether keep you safe, you can't operate a camera with big lens one-handed, so need to trust your balance and shoe grip when the money shots happen. Ended up flat on my ass on the deck at one point, I'm surprised it was only once! 100s
  3. And in another brilliant piece of journalism, the Herald this morning has a photo of Max Sirena captioned "Jimmy Spithill" ...!
  4. I enjoyed this moment. As LR were coming back in to the dock, to be greeted by their adoring fans, a group of the sailors were just gazing across at ETNZ. Was it a newly-found sense of belief?? Strider will tell us, the Italian words for "bring it on".
  5. Sorry barfy, you may not see much from North Head today, they will be using Course E. Such a shame for the locals. But I will be out there, on the smaller TV Cat !!! Just found out last night, so I am pretty excited! Hopefully some pics later tonight.
  6. Spotted on Te Rehutai today - should we be worried??
  7. Rear-facing, designed to severe a foil arm if LR get too close
  8. Have to say, the Viaduct was looking great but very quiet, and it all felt a bit flat vs what might have been ... so much effort has been put into presenting this thing. Let's hope there is some kind of party atmosphere over the next few days.
  9. Yes, had a very close look at the AC36 sneakers when I was standing behind NO on the ferry (he had his bike with him) - very smart, but I couldn't think of a way to whip them off his feet without making a scene ...
  10. The AC commentary team shooting a piece following the press conference, with silverware. NO was on the same ferry back to Devonport afterwards, I knew he must be a top bloke!
  11. Funnily enough, while docking out this morning, GA was having a talk to Matteo about extra funding .... P.S. Portrait photography is no fun in a pandemic.
  12. With the condition that a NW breeze can be unsettled as a result of disturbance from the land
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