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  1. We Kiwis would not say that, it would be arrogant and belittling of our opposition.
  2. The Herald showing off it's new AC accreditation status!
  3. ... but "We have our 'Stuff' in Italy too " Now I know why you Italians are usually so happy
  4. Are you saying that the CoR was not involved in developing the Rule this time? Because that's not how LR tells it, nor ETNZ. From official releases back then: "The process of writing the rule is a collaborative process with Luna Rossa, the Challenger of Record. Around 12 designers in Emirates Team New Zealand, and a similar number in Luna Rossa are working together to pool ideas and turn concepts and systems into words on a page." "The development of the Class Rule has been a four-month process led by Emirates Team New Zealand, working together with Luna Rossa Challenge
  5. Thanks Zaal, it makes me wish I was young again and picking a career - this stuff is so cool!!
  6. The Swiss video posted above by Priscilla (#7086) says they are using a Sony P50 4k camera inside the casing, with Fujinon UA 46x zoom lens. I think I saw somewhere else that the broadcasters are using the same combination here for the Cup?? Recommend watching that video if you want a nice summary, or more detail on the manufacturers website, including different camera and lens options: https://shotover.com/products/m1
  7. Plenty of wind out there right now! Metservice says: Today: Southwest 25 knots gusting 35 knots, easing to 20 knots in the morning, and to 15 knots in the evening. Rough sea easing in the morning. Partly cloudy, chance shower. Tuesday: Easing to variable 5 knots late morning. Northeast 10 knots developing for a time in the afternoon. Fine spells. Wednesday: Northwest 15 knots developing. Cloudy periods and isolated showers. Thursday: Northwest 15 knots changing southwest 20 knots. Morning rain, then isolated showers.
  8. The camera is a Shotover M1, NZ-made. And this footage was shot the day that I was out on the TV Cat, so that's me you can see hanging on for dear life on the back. I'm the one with light grey jacket and short legs, the other photographer was Stefano Gattini who works for Studio Borlenghi, the official Prada Media photographers. I mentioned at the time that the TV chopper was buzzing the boat and flying alongside, with Carlo B and his camera in the front. Obviously the TV guys were shooting this at the same time. What a blast that day was!
  9. No, Animation Research changed the graphics so that the copyright was no longer infringed - they have used a new version since the Prada Cup eliminations.
  10. The "islands have it easy" argument ignores that fact that anyone travelling to NZ from COVID-infested regions is going to be spending somewhere between 10 and 30 hours sat in a plane and passing through airports filled with potentially infected fellow-travellers. Like a forced infection & incubation programme.
  11. Don't worry, our spies are hard at work ...
  12. They towed out to Course E around 11.30am (?) and were working out there early afternoon
  13. In today's over-egged Herald article: Sirena said: "Even today we watched them as they trained to make starts. At least in the starting phase Peter Burling no longer goes from one side to the other." https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/americas-cup-2021-team-new-zealands-risky-late-play-as-italy-claim-americas-cup-advantage/FX7MFN634J4I4DALPCC4HER7VA/
  14. The guy throwing the circles out the back of the boat?? Yes, I should have drawn the backstays in, although might look a bit odd in standard SA Yellow?
  15. They are on quite different headings, so the forces on their foils will be quite different.
  16. Looking at the various videos of TR training over the last two days, they appear to be practising tight turns with no-one crossing - pre-starts?
  17. Fascinating thanks Barnyb, and very cool that the camera is designed and built here in NZ. Those pilots are very good at their job too.
  18. The skins appear to be designed to seal with the deck?
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