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  1. For Max, best I could do with this evening's fly-past - a bit dark and a bit far away.
  2. ONE HEARS ... True story ... On Torpedo Bay wharf this afternoon with Gilles Martin-Raget (as you do), waiting for our boat to come in. A group of serious-looking wet suit-clad swimmers passing under the wharf just as Te Rehutai flies past - one jumps up on the wharf steps and yells out to the others to stop and watch. Then he says to me (after expressing his admiration for TR) that he spoke to Brad Butterworth the other day and Brad says 7-0 to Luna Rossa. Then he says, ... but my cousin (Warwick Fleury!) reckons Brad's got that wrong ... You heard i
  3. The charge home ... maybe someone just heard what's for dinner
  4. Another view of clew and the bottom of the main, looking neat & tidy as.
  5. Clew "box" with nice neat cover and new signage - "The Heart Of Racing" and MND. Sorry about picture quality, operator error.
  6. TR in the back paddock. Good day for “unheard of” speeds???
  7. TR launching off Orakei, good breeze but no batwing
  8. First weekend of the America’s Cup Match postponed https://www.americascup.com/en/news/1140_36TH-AMERICAS-CUP-MATCH-COVID-19-RESTRICTIONS-UPDATE In light of the latest Auckland COVID-19 Level 3 lockdown put in place by the Government from 6am this morning for the next 7 days, America’s Cup Event Ltd has postponed the first weekend of racing on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of March. The purpose of this early decision is to provide at least some certainty in planning for all event stakeholders with regard to next weekend initially. America’s Cup Event Ltd Chair, Tina Symmans s
  9. I completely respect and admire Dalton for what he has achieved over the years, with this team, and now with this boat and this event. My brother rides motorbikes with both him and Gashby - he says they are both good bastards, so that's good enough for me.
  10. A couple of the super yachts that were coming back in at the same time
  11. At about 2.40 in the @airflownz video above, after slowing right down, she turns towards North Head and accelerates - the sound of the creaking and cranking as she took off was impressive, as was the feeling of power. Love this boat.
  12. That’s a fairly narrow view of the situation - the government had input on exemptions for the racing to go ahead and I wonder if they also expressed a preference that racing be delayed a few days until ALL stakeholders could reap the benefits. Auckland City would also have been keen for that. Were ACE just trying to do the right thing by the govt, especially after the MBIE debacle. Why did Symmans get so upset? It doesn’t make any sense for her to have been so angry unless there was something else going on behind the scenes and the fact that there has been no subsequent explanations of those “
  13. I agree, badly-judged moves on both sides. However, going back over the history of this cycle, I can't see that one particular side deserves to be labelled as the bad guys either?
  14. Do I remember correctly that ETNZ was excluded from the AC Prize Giving in San Fran in 2013? Or was it the press conference?
  15. The original Prize Giving programme was emailed out at 12.59pm on Sunday, ie., before the racing, on the first day that 7 wins was possible. it states "End of race + 1 hour and 40 min. approx. - Press Conference room - Winning Team only" The revised "Latest version" was emailed out at 5.51pm, ie., after racing and probably while the boats were heading back to their bases. It said "End of race + 1 hour and 40 min. approx. variable - Time will be advised when possible - Press Conference room - Runner up and Winning Team"
  16. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I saw NO out walking with partner and young child in push chair, right here in Devonport, just a few nights ago. That should boost my credibility I reckon.
  17. There has been a lot of criticism on this forum of media coverage of the AC so far. What this whole event needs is a rock-solid news source. With only two weeks to the Match and having picked the wrong team to win the Prada Cup, I now feel suitably qualified and prepared to launch a new SAAC Special Report, featuring the very latest in Americas Cup intelligence. It is based on the author’s extensive discussions with a seemingly endless parade of opinionated individuals encountered on North Head, many of whom claim “insider knowledge” via obscure and highly secretive connect
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