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  1. I've heard whistling and harmonics (from the wires?), hissing of spray and some kind of deep, groaning, tuba-like sound that could maybe be hydraulics or the foil arms ... Emirates Team NZ put out a video with music added over the top of what I think are actual boat sounds: Sounds also noted and recorded here: https://livesaildie.com/emirates-team-new-zealand-show-off-new-skills/
  2. What is very impressive to me is how they had photos and video (complete with aerial drone footage and Tony Rae commentary) posted on various social media within just a few hours! That's some serious effort behind the scenes, while the boat carried on sailing.
  3. Not so much lack of manoeuvres as lack of video or other evidence of manoeuvres. Or of any sailing for that matter. They put resources into graphics about the move to Cagliari, for example, so surprising there has been no video of sailing since those early ones. Not a criticism, just a disappointment, would love to see them on the water doing their thing.
  4. Looks very stable, flies quite high, great to see some video, thanks
  5. They also put out a video of a foiling tack and because they were so excited, never produced one again.
  6. So if you're suggesting that a sailing team on the other side of the world accepting sponsorship from an airline that operates out of one of the countries involved in the war is in some way a connection, how does that compare with a sailing team based in and named for a country that is actively encouraging and supplying arms to both of the countries involved in the war?
  7. He thinks it's a way of pissing off the Emirates Team NZ supporters. Which it is.
  8. And the other teams better get sailing. Hard to see how they can be improving in the shed, while Te Aihe is out almost every day. The clock is ticking.
  9. Definitely a gap all the way up. You can see the telltales coming out of the space between at regular intervals
  10. Early start this morning! Left the dock just after 8am.
  11. I didn't have one full-height, but I this gives a reasonable look at it (click for full size)
  12. Hard to say, it seems to move and accelerate very easily in displacement mode but this morning they didn't seem to be pushing at all. Like I say, there looked to be sufficient breeze to foil but they were nowhere near that. Maybe they were not wanting to foil so close to shore (something new?) or maybe they needed to test something first. In which case I don't know why they put the sails up over by Orakei, and didn't just tow all the way out? Or maybe the wind wasn't at the right angle to get up in the direction they needed to go ... I dunno. PJB where are you??
  13. "Back to putting Te Aihe through her paces." - Emirates Team NZ Twitter.
  14. Thanks for that. Two more, following on from the sequence above; "Where's the wind gone? Can ya give us a tow?"
  15. Not sure, looks different to me but maybe we just haven't seen it close-up before?? Edit: None of my earlier photos shows anything like this.
  16. First thing I notice is a change in foil profile (starboard foil), just either side of, and behind where it meets the arm. See comparison - 1. is the "old" stbd foil, and 2. & 3. are today's stbd foil:
  17. There seemed to be enough breeze, but for whatever reason they sailed in displacement mode all the way past us out into the Channel, then almost back to Bean Rock, before towing off towards the Bays. They came quite close by us however, allowing some detail shots.
  18. Yep Sailby, shared a rock with RG. But while I sort through them, here is a reminder of the paradise we live in ...
  19. Remembering the first tow testing, 9 Sept ... followed later that day by the famous 'bucking' foiling test video.
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