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  1. Yeah seems like a super-nice guy, so polite in his emails. By the way, he says he hopes to put up some coverage of the Bermuda SailGp event in April.
  2. No, unfortunately Jason (MyislandhomeBDA) didn't make it down here, but I just received an email back from him and he says he is watching the racing closely and New Zealand is looking beautiful: Please tell everyone a great ''BIG HELLO'' all the way from MyislandhomeBDA for me please. ALL THE BEST!!! Jason
  3. I don't think he got into that,. but good question ...?
  4. That's what NO was saying, if Te Rehutai can get up and foil in the light on those much smaller foils, they will have less drag at the top end. Or words to that effect ...
  5. Show us a single fact that suggests this was Dalton's idea ...?? You don't have to be a "fan boy" to be annoyed at all the vitriol being dumped on him and the NZ contingent, most of it based on a couple of partisan media releases and a whole lot of guessing.
  6. Yeah, looked like enough out on Course E, and yes, the Frackers looked pretty smooth coming into the harbour
  7. Returning from the last training before racing resumes
  8. winchfodder, you are just guessing.- better to say nothing than talk like you know how it works.
  9. Yes strider, the marshalls are mostly if not all volunteers, which means many have to take time off work. As I mentioned in another thread, the guy driving the Photo Boat (the day I went out) lived well outside Auckland, about 2 hours drive North. So it's a bit naive to say that racing under Level 2 is no different to training, or that Iain Murray can just turn the event on and off at short notice.
  10. So no factual basis for your statement. Just speculation based on assumptions based on an old newspaper article quoting a totally discredited contractor. And a brilliant join-the-dots feverish interpretation of the news that Iain Murray couldn't raise his volunteer marshall brigade at short notice.
  11. As above, many if not all of the course marshalls are volunteers and have to take time off work, etc. Some even live outside of Auckland - the Photo Boat driver that I talked to came down from Whangarei. So not so easy to assemble Iain Murray's Army at short notice, despite all the expert opinions in here.
  12. Where DO you get this stuff??!
  13. Even under Level 3, North Head was quite busy on a beautiful Lockdown Wednesday.
  14. No photos, no date for me & Mrs Weta down at North Head!
  15. Based on that sentence (AM is definitely NOT testing their boat here), I would say the article is garbage. There has been a lot of garbage spoken around this disagreement between LR and ETNZ, a lot of speculation, a lot of jumping to conclusions. It seems to me that both sides have attempted to sway public opinion with some poorly thought-out media releases and have to bear some responsibility for this mess. Of course the media climbs in and just makes things worse.
  16. OK. maybe mine was held up somewhere crossing the harbour ... I still think that ACE's request to delay was reasonable and understandable, given how much this means to the local economy and fans, and the possibility that Auckland might be back to Level 1 in a few days. But it has been portrayed by some in a pretty unfair way. It is described in the above article as "Tina Symmans announced the intention", whereas this was a conference call involving all parties, and ACE obviously didn't have the right to unilaterally "announce" a change like that. Then Cattani goes on to describ
  17. The Herald gives us a bit more detail of how this unfolded, in a pay-walled article this morning. It started with a conference call at 9am on Wednesday, between Tina Symmans (chair of ACE), Grant Dalton, Russell Green & Hamish Hooper (ETNZ), Max Sirena (LR) and Francesco Longanesi Cattani and general counsel Alessandra Pandarese (Prada) and Grant Simmer (INEOS). Extract: Inside the 60-minute Prada Cup meeting that did 'irrevocable damage' "After some initial preliminaries, Symmans announced the intention to postpone the restart of the Prada Cup final until next weekend
  18. Ben just needs to get this in front ...
  19. All's fair in love and war. But INEOS again makes the point that they were not consulted. Does the CoR not have an obligation to at least consult both Challengers, who their job it is to represent? Isn't Francesco's whole point that the rules must be adhered to?? He claims to be independent, but it seems that he is only representing the agenda of one team.
  20. Pointing to ACE as the villains is a bit naive, it takes two to make an argument. Nothing against LR, and DEFINITELY nothing against Italians! But it has been a bumpy relationship, going way back to LR getting grumpy about the boat chosen for this cycle, happy to leave the impression that they hadn't been sufficiently consulted in the details. Then of course the Course B & C fiasco, where they claimed not to have been aware of the situation even though they had a representative at the crucial meeting. INEOS said they weren't happy about the recent change to the upper A
  21. If it was Prada hosting the Cup in Cagliari they wouldn't be clambering on their high horse to go racing by the rules and fuck the locals.
  22. That's exactly what ACE offered, a corresponding delay to the start of the Am Cup - LR turned it down.
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