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  1. The reason that there are no photos of AM splashing or crashing is that there are no photos, period. Pretty much the same goes for INEOS and LR. So when the teams themselves publish carefully selected and often closely edited footage of a successful maneuver it hardly rates as definitive of where their program is at. Whereas there are stacks of amateur photos and video footage of ETNZ around, because they carry out their training in public places, and don't mind if someone sees them splash. So you can continue, if you insist, by showing us multiple photos and video clips of
  2. Lots of photos of Luna Rossa NOT sailing ...? If they fly almost every day, surely they would have the occasional PR photo?
  3. All the lift-offs I've seen, the windward foil is clear of the water
  4. The Germans laid mines all around the NZ coastline during WW2. Most were detonated by contact but the Navy was worried about magnetic mines so built several wooden sweepers. In fact some magnetic mines were laid but it was only after the War that they were discovered. Edit: At least one ship was sunk by German mines, and one which just happened to have a large quantity of gold on board! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RMS_Niagara
  5. I've posted this on here before, but I'm intrigued by the connection now that the AC is being held in Auckland, so for anyone who didn't see it the first time, and with apologies to anyone who did. My grandfather was a shipwright and was on the team that built this piece of "composite" technology, launched right about where the new AC bases stand today, on 22 September 1941. HMS Manuka was an anti-magnetic Castle class minesweeper built for the Navy by Mason Brothers Engineering, of composite construction, ie., kauri planking on steel frames. The colour pic appeared in National
  6. I agree, go easy on the Italians. Their idiot Emperor dragged them into a war they had no interest in fighting.
  7. Very impressive! She looks the real deal in that pic
  8. Is that INEOS Team UK in the background?
  9. So you think there is no benefit to the country??! What about those extra jobs? What about the GST on all that extra 'quirky' activity? What about the legacy improvements to the waterfront that wouldn't happen otherwise? Sometimes ETNZ must wonder why they even bothered ...
  10. Ian Taylor (very clever guy) says that "everything is there" to show how it will look, but what does it look like if there are two AC75s alongside each of the three east-Wynyard bases, and where is the breakwater that they and those superyachts would need??
  11. Nice to see some vision, "throwing the ball as far as you can ..."
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