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  1. It been a fantastic AC - thank you for providing strong, smart, but gracious competition. New Zealanders have been impressed by the conduct of team Luna Rosa on and off the water. You guys rock! Forza Italia!
  2. Depends which forecast you look at - anything from 8-10knots tomorrow
  3. Yep, couldn't ask for a better match. Its tight and the outcome is by no means certain. Would like to see the boats in a bit more breeze to test the design packages across a larger windrange than we have seen so far. The forecast looks like it may oblige.
  4. Nice explanation thanks, but wouldn't yaw influence apparent wind and therefore true wind and VMG? Lets say ETNZ is yawed such that the bow is pointing lower than the trajectory of the boat due to lift to windward from the deployed foil. Wouldn't this cause the apparent wind and true wind angle to seem larger, and VMG lower than if the boat trajectory and orientation lined up (yaw = 0). Or is the apparent wind calculated from trajectory of these boats rather than their orientation to the wind?
  5. There is something weird going on with the virtual eye VMG data. Often the VMG on one of the two boats is considerably better than the other but the gain line is not changing in line with this I wonder whether boat yaw crabbing behaviour may explain some of this. I presume VMG is calculated from boat angle to mark and boat speed rather than the GPS data.
  6. Latest from Justin. They're starting to look a lot more polished.
  7. Great interview Mozzy - you guys are doing an awesome job!!
  8. Mozzy and co think that ETNZ have moved some weight from the foil to the spat (extension on the trailing edge of the foil arm), which has been done to allow them to run smaller foils. It may serve a second purpose tidying up the spray flowing off the foil arm.
  9. Haha, I wonder whether the intent would be to use in really light airs for downwind sections only in displacement mode.
  10. Nice - thanks for that - you add a lot to this forum Max. It's the low speed (<20 knots) stuff that worries me as ETNZ supporter. It may just be pre cup jitters, but it looks like ETNZ are slow around the corners in light airs. I hope the higher lift/drag ratio of NZ's foils make up for any low speed disadvantage.
  11. Looking at the latest JM video (#257 Emirates Team NZ | 8 Days To America's Cup Match | 26 Feb 2021 - YouTube), in light winds it seems like ETNZ comes out of the tacks and gybes in a pretty low VMG mode to keep on the foils. They then take quite a while to build speed before trimming to a higher VMG mode (see huckery yellow lines added to The_Alchemists' elegant drawing). If ETNZ can't make up for VMG losses in manoeuvres with superior VMG once up to speed and trimmed, tacks/gybes could be a weakness that LR is able to exploit in light air, and ETNZ may end up doing more tacks/gybes. But,
  12. NZ's foils are ~ half flap, which I assume is how they are able to make small foils fly in bugger all wind - albeit it with lots of trim and a massive drag penalty. Once they're up to speed they can decrease the trim and fly more efficiently. But, at what cost? How much distance will they give up in the tacks and gybes? Will they be able to point as high as LR? This to me is the awesome bit about having such an open design rule. And, having two very different expressions of the rule racing against each other in the final. We will, in the not too distant future, see what works and w
  13. Sorry if this has been posted already - but worth a watch if you haven't seen it yet.
  14. I don't buy that the weighted spat theory either. I reckon ETNZ will have hidden a heap of weight in their blended bulb/foil/stock - bit of depleted uranium or tungsten perhaps.
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