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  1. It is a common theme. Commerce sells crappy flashy shallow goods, especially when it comes to art. If you look at pure sales (best sellers, blockbusters, youtube views), the shallower, easier, more pleasant wins. Quality sell less at a higher price because it finds a niche, or it doesn't survive the chipper. Sorry, I know this is simplistic and depressing but it's how I see cultural product in general... my own 2 cents of Venezuela Bolivar. Less than crap.
  2. I guess it became an expectation for young sailors with youtube channels... where's the chick?
  3. I don't remember this guy making it on this thread but I found his cinematography absolutely beautiful. And the chick is stunning;
  4. I put some thoughts before the launch of this simulator on an earlier post: http://www.psychologyofsailing.com/when-sailing-is-only-a-game-sailaway-the-ultimate-sailing-simulator/ What really clashes here is the idea of reproducing an outdoor activity into a virtual reality world from the comforts of your home. Simulators are a good learning tool though, and allow to be on the piece when other circumstances won't allow you to be on the water. The other thing is that you can stop or pause a videogame, but you can't with a boat. You have to finish your journey or go back to safe wate
  5. Meanwhile, somebody did a recent anchor testing on aMantus during hurricane Matthew. It seemed to work pretty well!
  6. The Teleport crew which only has 8000+ subscribers are getting ready to launch a Kickstarter campaign to ask for help producing a high quality documentary with the great footage they got during their trip. I had fun interviewing them: http://www.psychologyofsailing.com/the-beauty-of-th…is-and-jess-bray/
  7. I have fixed mast steps on my small boat. With the small winches we have it would be a torture to send up somebody, so I climb pretty easily with them. They are a bit annoying with halyards and running rigging but the practicality far outweigh the annoyance. Last year I probably did 6 rig checks, usually before every offshore passage, and 1 masthead tricolor change. It's good to go and see if all the pins are in and secured and the fittings in good shape.
  8. People are sailing the Northwest Passage shorthanded and in production boats. Matt Rutherford did it without a radar and singlehanded. http://www.psychologyofsailing.com/push-your-mind-and-body-further-interview-with-matt-rutherford/ Fully crewed expedition died trying about 100 years ago. The Teleport people did it in a 29 ft wooden vessel. Arctic ice is going away.
  9. It strikes me that good production and content does not result in views. I am working on an interview I did with Matt Rutherford, who is famous for his solo around the america record, but that now runs a non profit focused on scientific research on the ocean. Their videos are well made and interesting, but nobody seem to watch them. Anyway who cares about Global Warming and such?
  10. I had the opportunity to interview this nice couple about their sailing voyages and experience. After having already circumnavigated they are focusing in Arctic Sailing. It seems they just started working on their video channel, so there are not many videos yet. It's kind of the opposite approach of making movies even before start sailing, like the Salty Mermaid (who's boat is totaled, apparently). Here is the link to the interview: http://www.psychologyofsailing.com/outdoor_life_interview/
  11. I wonder what's the reason behind moving to a bigger nicer boat you have to pay trough a loan, when you already have a boat paid for and you could pretty much do what you want.
  12. Yet another review of who's out there. Resident Dylan is in it as well http://www.goodoldboat.com/pdfs/Good_Ship_Vicarious.pdf
  13. Jammer Six has a point here. I struggle myself a little bit with sailing movies. I don't think I ever watched an episode of any youtube series in his entirety. I am a fast forward guy in this case. Yet I come back to this thread. I tried myself to make movies of my own sailing but I gave up because it's hard work but also because of lack of skills or interest, or both. I don't like to reiterate things I don't like to watch myself, and at the moment I have no great ideas on how to change this. There is something very limited in film making from the perspective of a boat. There are very few
  14. Something again Sailing La Vagabonde business operations. The other day I downloaded out of curiosity the sailing guide written by Riley of La Vagabonde. I was just curios to read what he really could tell about sailing. Well nothing in reality, the book is filled with nothing. The thing that happened, and it's a common way of doing business today on the internet, I started to receive all their advertising, inspirational emails, the gal's cooking book and other things for sale, all stuffed with blatant trivial pile of words. The pace is one email every two days. I guess what's happenin
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