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  1. https://fortmyers.craigslist.org/lee/boa/d/fort-myers-snipe-sailboat/7399508121.html Came across this Snipe. Not really familiar with these boats, I think the fleet is pretty active though. Is this a decent deal?
  2. In need of a new jacket for inshore sailing and some coastal deliveries, nothing crazy. What's the quality like of the gear Slam's currently producing? Jacket I'm considering: https://www.mauriprosailing.com/us/product/SLA-S170020T00-278.html Any other suggestions are welcome, looking to spend <$300.
  3. What is/was the design intent behind sheeting the main straight from the boom?
  4. Free 49er hull https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/boa/d/miami-free-boat/7282739132.html
  5. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2020/mcconaghy-dunning-gp44-3779939/ I wonder what the build cost was...
  6. Thought about a viper, but would prefer something closer to a keel boat than dinghy. Do the older 640’s get “soft”? Could hull #1 compete w/ a new build?
  7. Well, looks like I'll stick to my original plan of a 24.
  8. I am looking to get involved with a competitive one design class with an active summer and winter series, and the Melges 20 seems to check most of the boxes. My #1 concern is the future health of the class, I'd hate to purchase a boat and see the fleet dissolve. Any thoughts/insight on the 0-5 year outlook of the US Melges 20 fleet would be appreciated.
  9. Anyone know what kind of boat this is? Stumbled across it while exploring on Google Maps. Seems like a massive rig for what looks like a 40ish'er
  10. There's a tender with a T-top in it's stern, no way it's 65'. I'd guess 100'-110'
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