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Sailing aspirations and history.

Found 8 results

  1. The 6 yr old Handset seems to not be taking a charge, either from the inductive cradle or the USB port under the rubber flap. Found a thread elsewhere that details replacing the LiPO battery, and may go that route. Anyone here done this ?
  2. I currently have an H3000 System which includes the following. I purchased a new Vulcan 12 chart plotter. What additional conversion pieces will I need to make the most out of connecting the below to Vulcan? Also do I need the H2000 Compass or is there one built into the Vulcan? - 3 GFD (One at chart table, two in cockpit) - AWA 360 (cockpit) - TWA 360 (cockpit) - 213 masthead wind sensor - SEN‐SPD‐HP Standard Speed - SEN‐DPT‐HP Standard Depth - H3000 CPU - Halcyon 2000 Compass - em-trak AIS
  3. Hi all, We had our first sailing last week, and out instruments where dead. Yesterday I found out a fuse was gone. Once replacing the fuse everything seemed normal except the h5000 Hercules, 3D motion sensor was not visible on the network from the h5000 graphic displays or my Zeus 2 plotter. When I log in using iPhone to the cpu it finds other devises but it takes time. on the diagnostics it’s a few high speed RX and TX errors and some normal. I dissasemled the backbone, so I only had 1 h5000 display, plotter 3D motion and cpu. CPU finds plotter and display but not 3D motion, disp
  4. After 60 odd years, Lioness's Wiring is scary. Time to plan for a total re-do, starting with the 12V Batteries and progressing. While 24 V might make sense if I was replacing windlass etc, I'm not going that route so 12V it is. Anyone have experience in putting something like a CZONE system in, and controlling with Keypad / B&G Zeus 2 ? I'm starting with aggregating my loads by location, and planning a distributed system; something like this: Shorepower: Dual marine 20A charger to house and start banks GFCI outlets for convenience at docksi
  5. Original 2009 full Furuno kit on my boat just starting to show its age. Without some crisis very likely will go several more years at least, but the issues are starting to accumulate and there are no parts except eBay once in a while. I like the Furuno integration with TimeZero on a laptop, but aside from that don't really have any brand loyalty. It might be marginally easier to replace with new Furuno kit since some of the sensors and most of the wiring is likely reusable, and of course my electronic chart collection. But I'm also not averse to doing a blank sheet refit. What are pe
  6. Hi, I have been thinking of sailing double handed with my Farr 30 this year. We have a B&G H5000 instrument system setup wich works great and now we need a tiller autopilot. So far I'm thinking 1) simple tiller autopilot with N2K support should work (Simrad or Raymarine) 2) Raymarine has a tiller arm that possibly could be connected with the h5000 pilot computer - this is most likely the best solution, perhaps overkill For option 2 to work I would need a rudder sensor installed.- any good Ideas to how that could be done above deck? or if there is a tiller d
  7. Anyone happen to know which pcb connectors (the green ones) are used in de B&G H3000 processor? And where to get them (online)? I have lost 2 of them (one being the mhu connector, so mission critical) and want to buy replacements, but it’s a whole world of itself aparently... My biggest lead is that these might be supplied by Phoenix Contact, but I can’t seem to find the exact ones..
  8. Intro Owners of B&G H5000-based systems may have noted that B&G includes information about how to configure and control the system via a "websocket" interface. One of my projects has been to capture the H5000 CPU websocket data (which is sometimes different from what's available on the NMEA0183 and N2K interfaces) via a really simple application that can be run on a Raspberry Pi. (Instead of running, for example, Expedition on a laptop to capture the data--no sense running a fully powered-up laptop when something with much lower electrical draw will suit.) The Question
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