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4 hours ago, SlackWater_SF said:

Jibeset.net Race.Results.LINK

Looking at the results:  The J100 (at 66) is 6 seconds faster than a J109 (at 72), and 12 seconds faster than the J105 (at 78)!

I love sailing my J100 both single and double handed, but sorry that rating is a joke. 

I checked the NOR, yes it is supposed to be a PHRF number.  I understand that the scale may change within regions, and I have occasionally beaten J105s boat for boat, but owing the 105 and 109 time.  I wish we were that fast.




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The problem for you is you're using a 4.5 year old sail which, even being as charitable as possible to your treatment of the sail, stopped being fast approximately 2.5 years ago. 

Thanks for answering those points. Somewhere in the thread I thought I saw headroom addresses. I see the 110-109-111 progression now for sure, but each boats' target market seemed to have changed as

thanks.... so our goal is learning as fast as possible , sorry if we don't give the perfect picture at once, but we swim hard....and learn fast...

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