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"National Cleavage Day"

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I suggest posting what you want to see. 

Two of my favorite sets of cleavage...ever. 

Times change. 

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you little boys act like you never seen a pair of titties before

Nope. Seen plenty, and liked it. YMMV, and here's a salute to mamaries being shownin a strictly utilitarian manner rather than a prurient way:







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I like to be accommodating. For those of you who are vegan, look to the lower right portion of this picture. Enjoy the apple. For the rest of us, here is Helga. And her magnificent boobs.




A lady with huge knockers just called me immature. HUGE!

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they are mammaries meant to feed babies not grown boys

Dual purpose, actually. Biologically intended for grown boys every bit as much as for babies. They're attractive for a reason.



sum boys got programmed thinking Tit's are for kidz & a but is recreational


there's no use in explaining :mellow:

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