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"National Cleavage Day"

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I suggest posting what you want to see. 

Two of my favorite sets of cleavage...ever. 

Times change. 

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6 minutes ago, Snaggletooth said:

Sol's to favoritte thinges..........                 :)


Who knew that Sol's favorite heartthrob Helga was a Sailor!!  And she even has the sheet wrapped around the wench drum in the correct manner!  Brownie points for that!!

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sugar cookie!



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8 hours ago, Boink said:

Outstanding Sol, truly inspiring.........

Have you got the Pic of her in those shorts from Behind?

Looks like it would be rewarding................!

If any of us could figure out who she is we would have already seen such a pic. I was thinking Hannah Barron but that’s not her. 

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Lali was 18 when one morning she got up and went to the kitchen to make breakfast . She was alone, because her parents had gone out. In an accident, one of the sleeves of her jacket ignited when she turned on the stove.

A week later she woke up in a clinic in Lomas del Mirador (Buenos Aires). She had been induced into a coma to endure the pain and had 30% of her body affected. She spent a month in intensive care and went through 33 operations.

"At first it was difficult to even look in the mirror, I was so ashamed of my appearance." Lali said.

10 years later and she is now more than proud to show her previously burned areas.


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