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Seriously America


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Seriously America?

The big debate is whether to elect an email cheat or a liar that gropes women. Is this the biggest issue? You have a failing, trillion dollar war on drugs. You have gun issues. You have a staggering national debt. Your number one killer is obesity. Fast food kills far more Americans than guns and drugs combined. Why not declare war on McDonalds?

You represent five percent of the world’s population and use seventy-five percent of the world’s prescription drugs. The biggest industry in America is making pills. Are you that much sicker than the rest of the world? You spend more per capita on health care than any other country. But, your system doesn't work. Lawyers, drug companies and the insurance industry take all the money. Poor people are turned away from hospitals. They suffer and they die.

You claim to be the global defenders of freedom but you incarcerate more people per capita than anyone else in the world. Your prisons are mostly managed by private companies with a vested interest in keeping inmates in. There is no incentive to rehabilitate and release prisoners. It costs more per year to incarcerate a person than it costs to put them through medical school. You enjoy freedom behind barred windows with your shotgun handy. Freedom? Really?


Here’s an idea…world peace. Not possible? Sit up and pay attention. Gun control will never solve the problem. If all Americans knew that it is fundamentally and morally wrong to take a human life, you will not have a gun problem. Full stop. People will stop shooting people. Imagine if every child was taught that it is is better to stoop to help a stranger than to shoot at them. Imagine that. You spend ten dollars on defence for every dollar spent on education. Imagine if the next generation believed in making the world better for everyone.


You have race issues. There is only one race. It’s the human race. Babies can love from the beginning. It’s human nature. Hate is taught. Soon, you won’t need walls to keep people out. You will need walls to keep them in. It really doesn't matter which clown you elect. We are all citizens of the same planet. Stop fucking it up.


Share and believe.

Bedford out.

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