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de-icer / bubblier 411


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Looking to get a de-icer for my slip on Chesapeake Bay.

We only get ice for 4-5 days and it is quite thin, but with the tide, it wears the bottom paint off at the water line necessitating a haul and repaint every year.

Looking to get a de-icer to keep the ice away from the hull.


Issue is the slip is quite shallow to the point I have to dock bow in as there is only 3 feet at low tide.

Where should a deicer be installed?

Thinking at stern in deeper water aimed forward, but would I get better coverage if put between the keel and rudder?

Any information is appreciated.

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As you note, it's slip dependent.  Easiest is to hang it between two pilings with the lined slightly off center so that it swings up about 30 degrees when on and pushes water the length of the boat.  In my case, that's in 6-7' of water and the 1/2 HP model keeps a clear area about 50 X 30 (sheltered creek off the Patuxent).  Another option is to hang it from the boat but be wary of chafe on the suspension lines.  You need to play with the thermostat some.  Early in the season, you are wasting power running it when water temps are still well above freezing.  Once ice forms, you need it on even with air temps above freezing to keep ice from closing in on the boat. 

You suggestion of putting it at the stern seems to fit your situation best. You'll see some turbulence on the rudder (not the best thing).  Between the rudder and keel isn't such a good idea.  you are looking for flow of the water along the boat, and the de-icer doesn't clear much behind it. 

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