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Sydney to Hobart 2019

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On 5/16/2020 at 10:48 PM, Couta said:

^^^ That's my brother...in his virginal Hobart. I've told him to quit while he's ahead ;-) So the family has done alright over the years - Dad pulled a Div win and 5th O'all back in Bacardi days...Bro landed a Div win and 9th O'all...and Voodoo delivered a Div win and 3rd place for me...

Patriot was purchased in QLD from the second owner who imported it from the US (hence the name)..it was then bought by a mate of mine (LR) who changed the name to Moonspinner and campaigned it locally in Melb for a short time before selling it to another mate Jason (Recliner) who then renamed it Patriot and put this campaign together. Recliner had previously owned and successfully campaigned the A31 More Noise...with many of the Patriot crew and myself...so it's been great to see this all come together so successfully..... My time on Moonspinner and knowing Recliners ambition confirmed that this was a boat he'd really enjoy. I coined the phrase "Wolf in sheeps clothing" cos in light air or downwind....it certainly doesn't perform like the aging production boat it appears to be!


Great post couta. Brings back how I remember it. Don’t think it will ever get better than that re boat, owner, prep, crew and weather. Good time to quit goin south :D

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Windy tracker is also working this year: https://gis.ee/sh/  

Maybe they can fix the AIS transmitter while the mast is down?

I'm involved in that my name is on the boat, to which someone has attached a keel which it was not designed to carry, issuing a construction method we would never agree to use and have refused to in t

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We've ALL had a "Good time to quit going south",  and yet where are we on Boxing Day?

I've said for years that every Aussie yacht should do a Hobart,  it's the first question non-sailors ask when they find out you know which way the pointy end is.

Two is perfectly acceptable,  because it couldn't be like that again.

Three,  you must have rocks in your head!

Looking at 24 this Boxing Day,  and yep, ROCKS!

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