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Mustang Salopettes - Who's using these?

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Anyone out there own these and care to comment on the fit and why they like them over other brands. 

Pricey - absolutely!!

Alternative for me would be the Musto MPX Race Salopettes.....use left over money for other gear.



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I tried on those salopettes - they fit me well, as they are a bit on the slim side compared with other brands.

i liked them, and the jacket,  and would have bought them.., but to get both pieces was $2K, which seemed like a lot...

the reason - or at least part of the reason - they are expensive is that they us "Mil Spec" Goretex.

i have the MPX. My previous MPX salopette suffered a goretex delamination, and musto gave me a new one.

maybe mil spec is less likely to delaminate...

Mustang also have the less expensive "Meris" line - i have tried on the jacket, but haven't seen the salopette. The jacket fit me well. it is also a bit slim, compared with say Musto. Defender had it a while ago for 20% off, and Landfall were closing them out at 30% off, but only had the yellow in my size, which i skind of an odd color.

I ended up deciding that the Meris would probably be a good coastal jacket, and probably good enough for a typical Bermuda race, but i already had something in that category, and wanted something for cold weather offshore sailing. I ended up with the MPX offshore.

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The EP Salopettes and MPX are really not comparable. MPX is far lighter while the Mustang gear is heavier, has built-in knee pads, etc.. I think a lot of the functionality of the EP salopettes is great(pockets on both knees, built in knee pads), but for me they were just too heavy for everyday use(I put between 150-200 days in MPX a year). 

A mustang rep told me to think of the EP line as an HPX competitor and the Meris as an MPX competitor. 

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