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J80 135 Genoa Track Info

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Can you send me your email address and I can forward them to you? I have the measurements from North sails which essentially lines up the track with the middle of the winch. I used to own 814 and I have the measurements for that boat as well. The track lines up on the outboard surface of the winch. The old factory setting were probably 6 inches or so outside of that but I can't find the measurements for those. I recently bought a new boat and placed the tracks the in the same place as 814. Primarily use a 155 genoa

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Which one is the correct measurement for the 135 track?  One shows 5" in from the cockpit bulkhead and the other shows 8 1/4".  I have an extended track from where the 155 track was but the angle on it seems to be too far outboard for the 135.  Can't point worth anything with the genoa up and there's no place to put an inhauler. 

I'll put a short track inboard - either in the 5" to 6" angle shown in the diagram or the 8 1/4" to 8 3/4" angle shown in the pics.


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