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J/99 vs. J/111 for DH racing

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On 2/27/2021 at 11:44 AM, ZeeZee said:

When sailing solo or 2-handed on the 111 I drop below the boom in the companionway until approximately 15 kt and letterbox in stronger winds.  Then re-pack to launch from the bag in the rail.  


Do you use a martin breaker when dousing shorthanded or do just make sure your tack line is long enough to douse in the cockpit?

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I use a long tack line (about 25m).

Before dousing a drop the tail of the tack line and the halyard in the water on the leeward side of the boat.  This way I'm sure there will be no kinks in the line when releasing the stopper. And also it adds a nice piece of friction to dampen the line when being released (I have a figure 8 knot at the end of the halyard,  no knot  the tack line).  Once I have collected the foot of the gennaker I can open the clutch of the halyard.  This has just the right amount of friction in the water so I can take the sail down into the companionway is a controlled way.






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