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Just looking to see how many of you guys have one, and if you have any tips or tricks for them. It came with the spinnaker setup as well. 

Im up in the northwest if anyone else is racing them too, let me know, i might try taking it to a regatta somewhere if i can get the trailer dialed.  

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I don't have one now, and I don't see them racing anywhere. The few I see around are pretty beaten up. I had one in the early '70s and really enjoyed it - we routinely beat the Lidos and did really well with the generous handicap the C-Lark was handed. After 48 years or so, I can't remember any tips, or even if I originally had any. For a while there were C-Lark fleets all around the NW. As I recall, there might be a few still sailing around Lake Chelan, but I never run into more than 1 or 2 anywhere in sailable condition. If you're after good fleet racing in a 14' two-hander in the NW, the Lido is by far the best choice.

But for the price I'm assuming you paid, you'll get a lot of fun per dollar.

What/where the hell is Taco Town?

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Your great grandfather actually had a boat named Sea Lark.

C Larks were built by Clark Boat Company in Kent Washington.

I seem to recall that they were similar in concept to Jet 14s in that they were based on recent but no longer competitive International 14 hull shapes with decks and smaller rigs. The Jet 14 is based on the Uffa Fox Alarm design. I think the C Lark is a Proctor V.


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I looked at one in Vancouver BC and pretty much walked away. 1600 Canadian. Mast had been split in two. Said he put a pipe in there and a couple screws to hold it steady. Trailer was rotted pretty bad.  Ended up buying a Hunter 170 and got it for 4300 Canadian. 2008 model and spotless clean. Gennaker is still in the factory bag. He never used it.  Has bag for main, bag for jib, and the tiller even has it's own bag.


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They are painful to hike out on.  Kind of Thistle territory pain.  Maybe a pair of Finn hiking pants with extra boards?  My brother probably was involved in laminating it.

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