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Custom short handed refit

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I bought a custom one off  called a "nelson 28" a few years ago on Ebay, then what was left of a g&s 27 called fearless for parts and are currently attempting to Frankenstein the two boats together to be an offshore shorthanded platform. If anyone have any thought or opinions on layout that would be greatly appreciated!!

The boat is 28 feet long, weighs 4500# and appears to be glassed over cedar strip planking


$_3 (8).JPG




$_3 (9).JPG

$_3 (1).JPG

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John Letchers' book on self steering helped me, also a book on Soprano the first MORC boat was useful.  Rig a centerline prussic harness from bow to cockpit.  Have a ball.

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Given the cavity you have to work with...

Move the mast back.   Install a beam of destiny or similar and swept back spreaders.   Ditch the overlapper.

Cut the transom out from the cockpit aft.  Install outboard bracket and boarding ladder/handles. 

Hire someone who knows what they're talking about. 




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If this picture is looking aft to the cockpit, maybe i am wrong, but this yacht is going to the bottom if you put the mast in the water. Reminds me of my fathers Fisher island 23 back in .the 1960's, no self bailing cockpit.


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If the boat had a spinaker, ditch that and go for the (bowsprit) gennaker + code 0 option.  

I love the code 0 when single... it's a useful chicken kite ;).   

I have also switched from jib roller to a hanked on jib. I think it was an improvement. Because of that I had to do a jib reef tough... 



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The less complex a boat the easier it is to sail and especially to single-hand. 

That said I sail my QT single handed with runners and check stays and evolutions just have to be better planned and more practiced and done a little slower.

I have found that a simple auto-helm is a great boon. I don't use it much but what I often do is slip it on the tiller, switch on and use it to auto-tack or gybe leaving me free to handle the lines. From memory it is an Autohelm 2000. I also use it if I need a break from helming.

Of course if the boat is sailing fine by herself it is important to stay on board to a good harness regime and strong jackstays are a must.

A non overlapping jib makes things easier but you do lose horsepower and of course ALL lines led aft to the cockpit and within easy reach.

This coming close season she will likely get a short bowsprit, top down furler and  probably an FR0 and A sail.

One thing I cannot do much about is the sloped transom, a feature of Dubois designs but will put a couple of steps on there to make getting to the outboard a little easier

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