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Crewsaver crewfit 165n sport - re-arming kit

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Hi all. 

I am after a re-arming kit for a Crewsaver Crewfit 165N Sport auto inflate lifejacket. The jacket was bought 2nd hand by my partner without the bottle or the trigger. 

I have had a look online and it seems to show two different versions for the re arming kit - pre and post 2015. Does anyone know how I can tell from the serial number etc how to work out which version I need? Or will I need to speak to the manufacturer?

I have taken the yellow trigger mechanism off and the date stamped on the back shows 04 2015. 

Serial number is Shown is L150601793A

Thanks in advance


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5 hours ago, Moonduster said:

Seriously? First you buy a 2nd hand life jacket and then you're on the interwebs looking for advise on how to service it? Why not just buy a concrete block?

It took 10 seconds to find this. There's a phone number, an e-mail address and a contact form.



Thanks for your response; Its hugely appreciated that you've taken time out of your busy schedule to compose a sensible and helpful response. 

For your information I'm more than competent and capable of screwing two components on to a lifejacket.... although I sometimes get confused between left loosey and righty tighty! 

From the vantage point of your moral high ground, what is so taboo about a 2nd hand lifejacket? 

Thanks again


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