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J/24 Style Motor Mount

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J80 has a transom with a pad for the motor. A bit of stiff rubber mounted to the fin on the outboard will prevent contact with the rudder if that is what you are worried about. Avoid drilling "mounts" for the motor mount, dealing with the mount, etc. Just use the outboard without a mount.  Or not.


Edit.. Nice J24 mount!

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The best Class legal J-24 Mount is this one. All others are inferior.

you only need to bash your head on the sharp corners of that other contraption one time to realize how absolutely insane it is to hang a sharp corner behind your boathttp://schrothfiberglass.com/j24_racing_motor_mount.htm


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So my J/80 came with a 4hp Tohatsu 4 stroke that weighs 58 pounds.  I want to get an older 3.5 hp 2 stroke that weighs 29 pounds, so much easier to take on and off.  Problem with those old 2 strokes is no reverse so need to have clearance to spin it backwards, hence the desire for the mount.  Also prevents it from hitting the rudder  unlike the transom pad.


Quattro - will be in touch via PM



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