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US Olympic Sailing Programme - link to AP article?

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8 hours ago, Jono said:

With 2 departures from the corridors of power, I understand someone did an article on what was happening.

Anyone got a link?

This article is by Bernie Wilson who is an AP sports writer.


There's also a video interview with Bernie on the Facebook page Sailing Illustrated.



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So sad to see this. The Olympics are what sells the sport to many people. I am shocked that US Sailing is putting so little effort into this. On the other hand maybe the poo-bahs in the upper level know that the US chances of success (medals) in Tokyo are minimal and they are just cutting their losses. 

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It is incredible to me that USS is able to dismiss the leadership of sailing's Olympic campaign , have someone like Greg Fisher resign and fire Malcolm Page and give no explanation at all.

What is most incredible is the absolute failure of the US sailing press to hold USS to account, and to try and delve in any way into the story behind 1 week at USS.  SA's front page leads with a report on an RS800 regatta in the UK  with no mention of the breaking story of disruption at the US governing body?

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Once upon a time, but not long long ago in a galaxy far far away, the talented, amateur sailor in the US had a chance of being competitive in the trials and maybe making the games. 

Now it's all pro all the time and it seems to me, the Olympic Games have become irrelevant just as the America's Cup and other high end events have.  They are no longer attainable.  People used to think in the 80's that an FD program was expensive and it was at the time.  Compared to what people spend now for a Laser campaign it was quite minimal.  

As for the typically self-centered, dysfunctional, arrogant mismanagement by US Failing, MEH, no wonder the sport is in disarray in the US. 




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Now it's all pro all the time and it seems to me, the Olympic Games have become irrelevant just as the America's Cup and other high end events have.

while this is certainly a valid point of view... I think it is anachronistic and not a legitimate critique of sailing in 2020.....    Perhaps you really want to argue the issue of amateur versus professional participation in all of sports?   

A far less cosmic debate might be the pro / am rules in any one design sailing class....  (hell... getting your bottom wiped by a diver was an issue in the J30 champs in Annapolis)

But to really get into the twisted semantics and muddy principals of pro and amateur  status we are cursed with... Lets start with an easy debate...   in the yearly championship match between Clemson playing Alabama for the AMATUER College football championship what is the roll of walk ons on these two teams?  ... on second thought...... nah...... its too much like the question of how many angels dance on the head of a pin)

My advice... focus on the competition.... the sailing Olympics are the ultimate sailing one design competition.    Can the USA build a structure that supports a US Sailor playing at that level?   

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On 9/23/2019 at 7:55 AM, tillerman said:

This interview was very interesting. Starts around the 7:00 mark. Long but it covers a lot of ground- state of past and present US Olympic sailing.  Comment was made about Caleb Paine’s Finn campaign being run largely independent of US Sailing. Don’t know anything about that, but would love to know more.... Also comments about the role of the yacht clubs and fleets in supporting US sailors. 

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