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Freedom 35 (Pedrick): experience sailing one

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Nice boat, well refined and was offered in a performance version with running backstays and overlapping genoa.  For cruising the camberspar jib works well assuming its setup correctly and the large mainsail on Harken or Antal sliders is easily managed with lazy jacks and a conventional cover.  For added performance, a a-sail with sleeve or top down furling would give you some more hp of the breeze.  I recall the ones I were on had a fairly modern looking keel, albeit a bit deep for some cruising grounds.  The fit an finish of the furniture down below was pretty nice, not Sabre nice but very well executed.  All deck hardware was primarily Harken and up to the task.  These were not inexpensive boats. The self-standing carbon rig is pretty maintenance free and naturally de-powering.  I am sure others know more, these were my observations from my handful of experiences with the boat. 

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236 is right on. These are well behaved boats. The running backs are important if you want better upwind performance, but they are not strictly necessary. I liked that between the 38 and the 35 they switched from teak to cherry for the interior, it makes for a lighter cabin. Check the portlights, though - I don't know if they're better than on the 45, but I'm in the process of replacing all of our opening portlights due to insufficient installation and leakage.

One thing we weren't thrilled with was the athwartship aft bunk, but it was spacious enough. I liked that the engine was very accessible. If you're not racing, the wing keel provides adequate performance although clearly the deeper keel works better upwind.

Currently I own the Mull big sister 45, I really wish I'd had the dough to buy the 35 when I looked at one in 2004. It's hard to find a boat that is easier to sail.

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