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Winter storage in scituate mass

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On 12/1/2019 at 1:06 PM, dacapo said:

Good friend may have won auction on an S2 9.1 and would need to winter store it locally. Any suggestions ?

The deepest part of the Hudson

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On the hard or in the water?

if on the hard, and they have stands (gettign really late to expect rental stands are still available), check out local airports. Lots of room and planes cost most than boats, so security can be pretty good and prices cheap.


When I bought a boat, it was too late to get room at my club, so I kept it in Newburyport the first winter. Fenced in, no thieves, running water from the liquor store in front of it.

Said Liqour store had a heck of a variety of beers.

Belonged to the local hauling company (Jocelyn Marine) and they used the state ramp next to it to haul.  Good company.

Lots of places to eat in the area after a cold day prepping the boat including diner across the street.

Trick is getting up that river on a foul tide, or have Jocelyn haul it from Situate.

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