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Boomer here!

When I was growing up I saw some great things for this country, with JFK president, to space travel and men on the moon. and over the years we have had good and bad times, but we always seem to be the world leader.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I voted for good and bad presidents of both parties, To me this country has been about diversity, and immigration, I think there's some statue in new york harbor about that, we have some great minds and workers making this country great , the english, germans, french, italians,chinese japanese, mexicans south americans............... Shit even our current first family is immigrates.

Our allies for look up to us for support and our enemies feared us, Now we're the laughing stock of the world, our allies & enemies make fun at us, We are building walls out of steel and paper (tarriffs) to isolate us from the world. The hatre in this country is rampagant, If you disagree with some one  , people want to beat you up or shoot you.

We used to solve world problems , now we create them, all for the all mighty dollar. Greed is taken over this country. we subsides the polluters (big oil, pharma.......) with billions of dollars ,yet american's children  (and what really pisses me off Veterans ) go to bed at night homeless, and hungry!  So some tell how the 45th has made this country great?

So to end: Impeachment is too good for this current  leader ( POTUS)  I vote for a good republican or democrat to get him out of office.

so we can MAGA!


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