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Foiling is ruining sailing

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38 minutes ago, Willin' said:

Wow! The engine that would not die!


That was some steel cujones right there. The pilot apparently used those engines to try to rescue the plane to the shallower water.

Does anyone know more about this? Were they able to get some salvage out of that plane or did it sink?

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The popping noise seams to be a sign of excess moisture causing a compressior stall


Good news this place goes dry by mid summer like clockwork 

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On 1/3/2020 at 1:37 PM, apophenia said:


I wonder what's going through that officer's mind.  Not much, I'm guessing, since he's standing around outside without a cover and his hands are in his pockets. Maybe the Brits are not so stuffy about military bearing after all.

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14 hours ago, ROADKILL666 said:

Someone is in a world of shit.Love the life raft 

I have a near twin raft in yellow

$40 at swapmeat

called the manufacture in North County DAGO

they said it's All Good yet out of certification for use on Helicopter as is was designed for

Kool as Fuck for a water lounger




3030 Enterprise Court, Suite A

Vista, CA 92081-8347


Liferaft Systems

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