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Bare 7x7 3/16 lifelines?

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Just FYI the coated stuff is not legal for racing anymore.

I wouldn't use an inferior material just 'cause it's cheap. 7X7 is not designed or intended for that use - it's for flexibility.

I have to replace my coated ones and I'm going to use the biggest Dyneema that will fit through the stanchions.

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Bare 7x7 lifelines: Worst idea ever. In addition to the obvious meathook issue I would not like the softness. I had Dyneema lifelines for a while. Seemed like a good idea. But the softness bothered me. 1x19 is stiff, which gives a more secure feeling when one leans against or grabs it during routine operations. Which led me to think the softness would be a big negative when it is needed for its primary purpose as a lifeline. Hmmm, is there a chance that meathooks might keep you attached to the boat...or just make a bloody mess in the water as the boat sails away?

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13 minutes ago, The Mad Hatter said:

It seems to me that dynex would be the perfect material for this application.

Although I don't think it would be legal? 

still legal for multihulls not for mono's

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2 hours ago, SloopJonB said:


Why not? I understood that Dyneema was the current "best practice" for lifelines.

It was. then it wasn't because boats weren't properly preparing stanchions and the lifelines were fraying and breaking prematurely. Jibs can also cause premature wear.

I'm not sure when they added it back in, but only for cat 4 racing in the World Sailing OSR. US Sailing Safety Equipment Regulations still require uncoated steel wires.

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NE Ropes’ STS-WR2 covered Dyneema. (Edit: it’s now called ‘Ultra.’)

Have had it for six years and counting. It is not easy to splice covered eyes but is worth the trouble. Any chafe is noticeable before it gets through the cover. Stanchions etc should be chamfered or eyeleted for best results.

pix of mine, if link works 


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