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Lost in Sailing

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Actually it's Lost in Space on Netflix.

For us SciFi fans Netflix is bankrolling a pretty good remake of the Cheesy / Campy 60's series.

December 24th the released Season 2. So if you have not watched Season 1, both Seasons 1 & 2 are ready for your binging. Season 2 actually has a bit of Sailing in it.

Bear in mind It is not your ole memories. Dr. Smith will make you afraid and the Robot is not on treads.



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3 minutes ago, Snaggletooth said:

I thouht wase doccumentarrey................                             :)

I could tell that doctor Smith was acting, but that was probably because he was gay. 

"Spare me your..."

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29 minutes ago, RobbieB said:

Just watched the most recent one, (an episode per night) but I thought there have been only two seasons?

only 2 of the new one. I think the 3 reference was the original


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